1. 12 Oct 2021 -

    Designing for sustainability in big science applications - Rob Hall, Architectural Designer, IBI Group

    Understanding users’ needs and requirements: a data-driven toolset - Ruth Hynes, Senior Design Researcher, Atkins

  2. 13 Oct 2021 -

    Making sense of SEN: A change for better - Zane Putne, Noviun Architects

    Light for learning with SEN: what has lockdown taught us? - Dr Shelley James, Age of Light Innovations Group


  3. 12 Oct 2021 -

    Benefits of Therapeutic Cinematic Nature Intervention in Education - Mark Minard, Moving Essence

    A Holistic Approach - Improving Health and Wellbeing in School Design - Joe Morgan & Karen Turnbull, ADP Architecture

  4. 13 Oct 2021 -

    Benefits of Biophilic Design & Natural Materials - Mark Brown, TG Escapes Eco-Buildings

    St Marys school Derby, a DFE pathfinder and the UK's first Biophilic school - Duncan Craig, Department for Education

  5. 12 Oct 2021 -

    Exeter College, Oxford - Cohen Quadrangle -  Alison Brooks & Professor Sir Rick Trainor


    Informal Learning Spaces with a Post Covid Campus - Emma-Louise Hannigan, HLM Architects

  6. 13 Oct 2021 -

    10 Easy Steps to a Digital Estate - Tom Oulton

    Digital Transformation of Estates - Tom Deacon, Barker, Jonathan Coyles, EO Consulting, Steve Bradford, Greenshaw Learning Trust & Gary Hunter, Elastacloud.

  7. 12 Oct 2021 -

    Modern Methods of Construction in the education sector -  Andy Macfarlane, Curtins

    Benefits of Standardised Design - Tim Williams, Portakabin



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