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Addressing the Operational Performance of School Buildings on the Route to Net-Zero: Mark Gifford, Senior Technical Services Manager, IES Consulting & James Vaux-Anderson, Framework Delivery Director, B+K

Winner of the CIBSE Building Performance Collaboration Award 2020, this project demonstrates how a ‘non-typical collaboration’ directly addressed decarbonisation and more energy/cost-efficient operation of school buildings in a user-friendly way.

For the first time, a main contractor (Bowmer + Kirkland), building performance analysis consultant (IES) and BMS controls subcontractor (iBMS) came together to tackle the performance gap between design and operation as part of an integrative process.
They refined the way data was collected and transmitted from several ESFA schools, to achieve more granular operational insights that could be understood easily by all stakeholders. Using a combination of physics-based simulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to synthesize and fill missing data gaps. This enabled granular operational insights on the schools in near real-time to uncover previously undetected faults, inefficiencies and abnormal use patterns.

The team then used this data to create energy profiles for the schools, which could be fed back into the IES Virtual Environment (VE) building simulation software. Many projects already use IES-VE to model a building during the design phase. By integrating iSCAN, however, this collaboration closed the loop and brought real-world data back into the existing model for cross-comparison and validation that the buildings did operate as intended. The partners have now developed a framework with the principle aim of eliminating the performance gap.

Optimising energy performance and carbon reduction through use of data: Andrew Dutton, Account Director, Schools, Trusts & Local Government Education, & Michael Leather, Associate Director Regional MEP Lead, Arcadis

The drive to reduce energy use and work towards net carbon zero is high on the agenda of Schools and responsible bodies. There are ways of financing energy efficiency projects in order to achieve lower energy costs.

But we often hear the challenge: “where do we start; what will drive the greatest impact?”

Capturing and harnessing data to identify trends and areas of performance improvement can lead to targeted investment, such as spend to save strategies.

Through the presentation, we will provide guidance on how to capture and use energy data to identify and target areas for performance improvement.

James Lee, Event Director - Education Estates® Digital Week
Mark Gifford, Senior Technical Services Manager - IES Consulting
James Vaux-Anderson, Framework Delivery Director - Bowmer + Kirkland
Andrew Dutton, UK Account Director, Schools, Trusts and Local Government Education - Arcadis
Michael Leather, Associate Director Regional MEP Lead - Arcadis



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