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Steps to Zero Carbon Buildings: Alan Fogarty, Partner, Cundall

The presentation will focus on Alan’s work around reducing the energy consumption in schools and outlining the path to zero carbon. He will summarise how education sector is ahead of other sectors on this journey, starting with the EFA’s 2013 Output Specification.  He will outline the improvements made by Welsh Government in their drive for lower energy schools and the work he is currently undertaking with DfE on their GenZero prototypes.

Climate Change... An Opportunity for Change: Alastair Mallett, Technical Director, Noviun Architects

By 2030 all new buildings must operate at net zero to meet our climate change targets. This means that by 2025 all new buildings will need to be designed to meet these targets. The presentation will look at the challenges and techniques to deliver net-zero carbon buildings.


James Lee, Event Director - Education Estates® Digital Week
Alan Fogarty, Partner - Cundall
Alastair Mallett, Technical Director - Noviun



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