1. 12 Oct 2021 -

    FE Capital Programmes - Simon Claridge, Head of Programme Delivery, FE Capital Transformation Fund & Jojo Devito, FE Capital Transformation Programme, Department for Education

  2. 13 Oct 2021 -
    Addressing Sustainability in Strategic Estates Management - David Johnson, Department for Education and Leon Weinstein, Mace
  3. 12 Oct 2021 -
    How to make college refurbishments more effective - David Judge, Executive Creative Director, Space Zero, Kevin Gill, Managing Director, One Fine Day and Chris Aubrey, VP of Retail Design, Dyson
  4. 13 Oct 2021 -

    Oldham College – Levelling Up In A Northern Town: Imran Kassim, Regional Director, AHR

    Estate rationalisation – Project Showcase: Barnfield College: Chris Pickup, Architect & Studio Associate Director, IBI Group



  5. 12 Oct 2021 -

    Shaping environmental, social and economically sustainable colleges is at the heart of the FE Capital Transformation Fund - Sarah Williams, RIBA Chair of Client Adviser Steering Group, Sally Pearson and Jennifer Singer, Department for Education

  6. 12 Oct 2021 -

    How to tackle the condition and transformation challenge? Jamie McFarland, UK Further Education and Department for Education Account Leader & Mel Manku, Partner I UK Regional Sector Director, Education, Science & Health, Arcadis and Peter Bland & Ian Ward, Middlesbrough College



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