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  1. SEND Schools: Should one size fit all?

    Designing for deaf children

    The Deaf Academy: Learning from the Inhabitants

  2. Main Stage

    Educating the Future of Construction: ESG x AEC = GBT *
    *Great British Talent

  3. Main Stage
    Panel Discussion - Reflections & Learning Points
  4. Sustainability Stage

    Embodied Carbon Calculator

    Making Carbon Visible


  5. Sustainability Stage

    The Future of all Electric Schools

    Sustainable Communities for Learning


  6. Sustainability Stage
    The Department for Education Sustainability Award celebrates the collective efforts that schools are making to contribute to towards a more sustainable future and we are delighted to be joined by the Awards finalists to hear about the excellent work they are doing to drive sustainable practices in their day-to-day operations, to play their part and help to tackle the climate change challenge that we all face.
  7. Nothing is permanent except change: design and use trends across education’s built environment

    A holistic example of creating a socially sustainable education setting


  8. Nothing is permanent except change: design and use trends across education’s built environment

    Future Learning Environments – aligning learning and space to the fast-shifting paradigm

    Collaboration in HE / Public Private Partnerships the future for higher education


  9. Estates & Facilities Management Stage
    The Value of Data in Education: A focus on estates and sustainability
  10. Main Stage
  11. Main Stage
  12. Main Stage

    Nurturing the Education Estate

    H-FARM Campus: a new design approach to education

    Biophilic Design of Schools


  13. Main Stage
  14. Main Stage
  15. Main Stage
  16. Main Stage
  17. Main Stage
  18. Building a workforce for the future

  19. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    Trusts Application of the Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS) to enhance estate outcomes and review of the DfE’s Capital Adviser Programme

    Five ideas to change your world

    Post Pandemic Campus - Efficient estate

  20. Sustainability Stage

    Helping existing schools get to net zero carbon

    Getting to Net Carbon Zero: Developing a Decarbonisation Roadmap

  21. Main Stage

    Can an Energy Pod System be Used as a Means to Decarbonisation?


  22. Design for the Mind: Neurodiversity and the Built Environment

    Design for the mind: IN PRACTICE

  23. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    PFI Expiry Programme Update

    Is the Education sector ready to take back their PFI Assets?


  24. Evolving Pedagogies for Learning Estates

    Learning-space aligner: A framework for integrated learning spaces


  25. Main Stage

    Why the Germans Do it Better

    Intentional Redesign of Malaysian Public Schools through Stakeholder Engagement


  26. Green Infrastructure’s Role in Creating a Resilient Educational Estate

    The often overlooked, Landscape as a Green Asset for Education Investment


  27. Main Stage
    Department for Education Keynote Address: Baroness Barran MBE, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for the School System) & Rory Kennedy, Director of Capital, Department for Education
  28. Sustainability Stage

    Decarbonising a university estate – the path beyond a pathway: Developing a Business Case for the transition to Net Zero

    FM & Net Zero Carbon


  29. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    Rehabilitating 1960s Brutalist buildings for a new future


  30. Main Stage
  31. Main Stage
  32. Main Stage

    Reinventing Classrooms

    St Helen’s College

    Exploring the future of HE workspaces: mental health, wellbeing, and performance in a post Covid-19 academic environment

  33. Main Stage

    Reviewing 10 years of Centralised School Capital Delivery

  34. School Rebuilding Programme: Update & Conversations
  35. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    Advancing quality in the FE Estate 

    How to futureproof an FE estate

    Reviewing a campus to create an efficient model

  36. Main Stage

    The FE Capital Funding Journey and what the future holds


  37. Modular Construction for Schools; Learning lessons

    MMC has always had a place in the Education new build market, but is the nature of the projects changing and is the uptake and use of MMC increasing?


  38. The Pursuit of Planning


  39. Sustainability Stage

    Using deep retrofit to create space for learning

    Lessons learnt on collaborative funding and education to a retrofit 10 storey office building

    Old Buildings, New Beginnings


  40. Using MMC and Timber to Deliver Lifetime Net Zero

    Delivering sustainable buildings for education through MMC


  41. Fitzalan school: fully harnessing the benefits of digital construction

    Using Digital Technologies & Data Analytics to Improve the Operational Performance of Higher and Further Education Estates


  42. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    How can we work together to maximise the impact of social value for everyone?

    Making Social Value Aspirations a Reality



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