Designing for the Future of Sustainable Learning

19 Oct 2022
Design Stage

A holistic example of creating a socially sustainable education setting - Robert Hopkins, Director & Head of Sustainability, AHR & University of Huddersfield

The new 10,000 m2 Health and Wellbeing Building for the University of Huddersfield will be one of a handful of buildings designed to WELL Platinum and the first University building ever to achieve this accreditation. The university needed to house cutting-edge medical facilities, whilst accommodating the changing nature of applied education and learning in a university environment. Occupant wellbeing has been further prioritised, with the WELL Standard used as a design approach. Our presentation will explore how an innovative approach to education design can impact people’s health, influence how learning spaces are designed and inform the future of healthcare design.

How the last two years will positively change our children’s future learning environment - Paul Turpin, IBI Group & Charles Booth, London Borough of Wandsworth

We’ve seen a lot of enforced changes in education over the last two years due to lockdown. There have been many positive initiatives (despite all the negativity we hear). However, we are seeing that some school settings are returning to type.

IBI Group designed Nine Elms Primary School during the first lockdown and developed a number of ideas that were hugely influenced by the innovations we were seeing in the schools and communities all around us. When adapted into a permanent model these would influence the future learning environment for children and respond in helping modernise the teaching profession to attract and retain the best staff. They would also enhance the Healthy School Model that considers building fabric and space, sustainability and technology as well as:

  • Capturing the power of Community
  • Creating wider learning opportunities beyond the four walls of a school
  • Developing an inspiring learning environment
  • Positioning the outdoors at the heart of learning

We will profile these ideas and how these will improve the health and wellbeing and improve the development of the children, staff and community.


Robert Hopkins, Director & Head of Sustainability - AHR
Paul Turpin, UK Education Lead - IBI Group
Charles Booth, Head of Projects & Programme Management - London Borough of Wandsworth



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