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Department for Education Sustainability Award Shortlist Spotlight

18 Oct 2022
Sustainability Stage

The Department for Education is committed to sustainable development and we believe that it is vital for our schools to prepare our young people for the future. Schools are a perfect opportunity to engage the minds of our future leaders in developing sustainable ways of living. It's important for them to understand the principles of what sustainability is, and what it means to be truly sustainable. Sustainability is not just about energy or carbon. Both play a key role but sustainability is also about people, air quality, travel, and physical and mental well-being. It's about delivering change beyond the curriculum.

The Department for Education Sustainability Award celebrates the collective efforts that schools are making to contribute to towards a more sustainable future and we are delighted to be joined by the Awards finalists to hear about the excellent work they are doing to drive sustainable practices in their day-to-day operations, to play their part and help to tackle the climate change challenge that we all face.

Welcome: Hershil Patel, Head of Energy, Environment and Engineering, Department for Education

How schools have the potential to make an impact on climate change: Andrew Spencer, Energy and Carbon Services Director | Places and Communities, EQUANS


  • King’s Academy Ringmer - Sian Williams, Principal & Liz Teague, Environmental Project Manager
  • Diocesan Boards of Education (DBE Services) - Sam Johnson & Richard Jones
  • Sir Roger Manwood's School - David Anderson, Head of Geography


Hershil Patel, Head of Energy - Department for Education
Andrew Spencer, Energy and Carbon Services Director - Places and Communities - EQUANS
Liz Teague, Environmental Project Manager - Kings Academy Ringmer
Sian Williams, Principal - Kings Academy Ringmer
Sam Johnson, CEO - DBE Services
Richard Jones, Head of Buildings - DBE Services
David Anderson, Head of Geography - Sir Roger Manwood's School



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