What Impact can Policy & Standards have on Delivering Social Value?

19 Oct 2022
Estates & Facilities Management Stage

How can we work together to maximise the impact of social value for everyone? - Peter Masonbrook, Head of Social Value, Faithful + Gould

PPN 06/20 forces us all to think about the real impact of what we do and how we can work to increase that social impact for the good of everyone. It also opens the doors wider for opportunities for SMEs and voluntary community and social enterprises as a more qualitive evaluation process for procurement means the most impactful solution will be taken forward, regardless of where it comes from. But the publication of PPN 06/20 in and of itself is not enough to enact the change we need. Peter Masonbrook Head of Social Value Faithful+Gould believes in some ways the procurement notice does not go far enough. For one, it only mandates social value in the procurement process and not in the actual delivery of the project. This means that suppliers can commit to big social value promises in their tenders, without being held accountable to delivering those promises later down the line. What we need to ensure is the tracking and measurement of social value impact throughout the lifecycle of the project.


Peter Masonbrook, Head of Social Value - Faithful + Gould



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