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International Design Approaches to Education Estates

19 Oct 2022
Main Stage

Why the Germans Do it Better - Simon Innes, Innes Associates

Germany has followed a very different approach to the development of new school buildings to that in the UK. The mixed-ability school [like our Academies], for example, is relatively new in that country and makes up only a small proportion of the overall estate. This presentation gives an overview of Germany’s approach to the development of its school estate and speculates about how our system might adapt for the better, learning from the lessons that the German way can bring, while still maintaining the strengths in our own approach.

Intentional Redesign of Malaysian Public Schools through Stakeholder Engagement - Nur Syazadiyanah Binti Suraini, Senior Associate for School Transformation, Edvolution Enterprise

In the education sector where funds can be very limited, physical revamp of the public schools is often brushed aside as a luxury and thus, unnecessary. Moreover, budgets and resources allocated by the Malaysian government are mainly set aside for repair works especially in dilapidated schools. Nonetheless, in line with the Malaysian education blueprint to suit the rapidly evolving teaching and learning needs, the involvement of key stakeholders - students, teachers, school leaders, parents, the community and the private sector - has been instrumental in continuously improving the physical learning environment in Malaysian public schools.


Crawford Wright, Head of Architecture and Design: Schools and Colleges - Department for Education
Simon Innes, Founding Director - Innes Associates
Nur Syazadiyanah Binti Suraini, Senior Associate for School Transformation - Edvolution Enterprise



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