Reimagining Learning Spaces to improve mental health and wellbeing

18 Oct 2022
Main Stage

Reinventing Classrooms - Shahana Knight, Childhood Trauma Specialist, TPC Therapy

Classroom environments are outdated and do not consider the emotional and mental health of children. The current standard classroom can actually create barriers to learning, especially those who are suffering from adverse life experiences. In this presentation we will look at why classrooms need to change and how this links to mental health. We will begin by looking at the developing brain of a child and how trauma, stress and insecure attachment can impact children's ability to learn in school. We will then explore how classrooms can trigger a child to disengage from learning. Finally we will look at how rooms can be reinvented to ensure they are trauma informed and attachment aware and meet the mental health needs of the children. This session is innovative and forward thinking and is underpinned by work Shahana Knight is doing in schools in the UK. She has recently worked alongside a primary school in wigan to create the ultimate therapeutic classroom which has been featured in national Head Teachers Magazine. Snippets of her documentary will be shown as part of this presentation.


Shahana Knight, Childhood Trauma Specialist - TPC Therapy LTD



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