The Retrofit Revolution

19 Oct 2022
Sustainability Stage

Using deep retrofit to create space for learning - Victoria Turner, Associate Director, Levitt Bernstein

At Elizabeth College in Guernsey, a building that was never meant for education purposes has been completely transformed into a modern space for teaching and learning. Perrot Court was an office building which has undergone substantial retrofit to enable significant enhancement and extension of the school’s facilities. The idea of retrofit is a highly sustainable one. By retaining most of the existing office building shell, the majority of embodied carbon typically associated with demolition and new build has been avoided. Join this session to learn about the challenges and significant benefits of repurposing a non-academic building for educational purposes.

Lessons learnt on collaborative funding and education to a retrofit 10 storey office building - Adrian Stubbs, Bond Bryan & Tony Croudass Project Manager, London City Institute of Technology

Old Buildings, New Beginnings - Michael Cambden, Architect Director, BDP

The imaginative and adaptive reuse of existing buildings is creating exciting suites of classrooms, social areas, laboratories, lecture theatres and self-learning spaces in school and university estates that prove that considerate, sustainable design works. Adaptation of old buildings in education environments like the ones at Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Warwick and Wardle Academy in Rochdale should become more and more common. With a supportive and inventive education industry leading the way, the result is simple, creative and highly-sustainable end products which serves the sector on so many levels and leave us wondering…what else can be achieved with old building stock?

Mike Entwisle, Partner and Global Education Sector Director - Buro Happold
Victoria Turner, Associate Director - Levitt Bernstein
Michael Cambden, Architect Director - BDP
Adrian Stubbs, Associate Director - Bond Bryan Architects
Tony Croudass, Project Manager/Funder - London City Institute of Technology



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