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Designing future FE & HE Learning Environments

19 Oct 2022

Future Learning Environments – aligning learning and space to the fast-shifting paradigm - Afshan McKay, Associate Director, Bond Bryan

With our rapidly changing world and the diverse forces shaping the future, it is imperative that we adapt our approach to learning; to prepare the future generations for the evolving career prospects in an environment which responds not only to technological advancements but also addresses the big cultural shift toward flexible learning, well-being and a user-centred approach. This presentation will explore key emerging themes and their impact on our learning environments. It will share concepts and ideas from across the world and offer food for thought on how we could align our learning spaces to reflect an education model for modern times.

Collaboration in HE / Public Private Partnerships the future for higher education - Laura Sherliker, Fairhursts Design Group

Businesses and governments are facing the challenge of high levels of youth unemployment and a shortage of job seekers with critical skills. The landscape of space is undergoing a radical transformation. In the workplace a period of unprecedented change has created a mix of responses observable worldwide - the need for less space, better distributed space, high tech environments – and we are seeing learning environments following suit. If we can shape and develop partnerships/communities that bring significant societal and environmental impact by putting learning at the centre of our lives, blending all aspects into one seamless experience through the development of collaborative space.


Lucy Plumridge, Associate Director - HLM Architects
Afshan McKay, Associate Director - Bond Bryan
Laura Sherliker, Director - Fairhursts Design Group



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