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  1. SEND Stage

    (1) Achieving effective inclusion: Specially Resourced Provision, Assessment Centres & Specialist Units

    (2) Improving Access to Listening in Mainstream Schools

    Session Speakers:

  2. Operational Stage

    (1) Are heat pumps really the answer?

    Session Speakers:

  3. Operational Stage

    Details to follow


  4. Operational Stage

    Details to follow


  5. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) How the last three years will positively change our childrens future learning environment

    (2) Planning for better schools and colleges

    Session Speakers:

  6. Main Stage

    Reimagined Places - Decarbonising the University of Exeter through the Workplace 2030 programme

    Queen Anne an Architectural voyage of discovery Net Zero 2030

  7. Sustainability Stage
  8. Main Stage
  9. SEND Stage

    (1) DfE Update – Policy & Design

    Session Speakers:

  10. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) What will the next generation of internet – Web 3.0 and Metaverse mean for the future of HE Estates?

    (2) Shaping a Sustainable Future for Learning - How to harness the power of the Metaverse for future learning environments

    Session Speakers:

  11. Operational Stage

    (1) Integrated Project Insurance in practice – A radical approach to contracts

    Session Speakers:

  12. Sustainability Stage

    (1) Offsetting pilot project – how the industry is collaborating to help local schools achieve net zero carbon

    Session Speakers:

  13. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    (1) Unlocking efficiencies in the education estate

    Session Speakers:

  14. Main Stage

    (1) Gold Standard School Capital Delivery

    Session Speakers:

  15. Main Stage

    (1) Building Effective Client/Supplier Partnerships to Deliver School Improvement Schemes

    Session Speakers:

  16. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) Transformational Estates

    (2) A place to belong: A new student centre for the University of York

    Session Speakers:

  17. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    (1) Smart Energy Campus Transitions

    (2) Lessons Learned from Digital Twin Implementations

    Session Speakers:

  18. Operational Stage

    (1) Intelligent Buildings

    Session Speakers:

  19. Operational Stage
    Details to follow   
  20. Main Stage

    Details to follow


  21. Main Stage
    Developing Future Talent
  22. SEND Stage

    (1) Do You See What I See?

    (2) Moments of joy: Designing for a child’s experience in education and healthcare settings

    Session Speakers:

  23. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) Learning from the 60s

    (2) University of Liverpool School of Law & Social Justice – Creative Reactivation of an Existing Building

    Session Speakers:

  24. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) Sharing lessons learnt in delivering NZC in operation educational buildings

    (2) Queensferry High School

    Session Speakers:

  25. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) Music Matters in Education

    Session Speakers:

  26. Sustainability Stage

    (1) UWE: Story of the first completed large scale Passivhaus project for a UK University

    (2) Pen Y Dre_Net Zero Carbon in Operation

    Session Speakers:

  27. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    (1) Designing for Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity

    Session Speakers:

  28. Operational Stage

    Details to follow


  29. SEND Stage

    (1) Post Occupancy Evaluation of special schools

    (2) Case Study: Lockhart Campus

    Session Speakers:

  30. Sustainability Stage

    (1) Lights, Data, Action!

    Session Speakers:

  31. Main Stage

    (1) Briefing for Wellbeing

    (2) Post Occupancy Evaluation for Schools: Putting staff and pupils at the centre of POE

    Session Speakers:

  32. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    (1) Redefining the Campus

    Session Speakers:

  33. Main Stage
    Panel Session
  34. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    (1) Campus Experience Index

    (2) Design Criteria for social spaces and a healthier university campus

    Session Speakers:

  35. Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

    (1) School 360

    (2) Post-pandemic Secondary School Design

    Session Speakers:

  36. SEND Stage

    (1) Laurus Grace AP School

    (2) Designing for SEND using MMC - A 360 view

    Session Speakers:

  37. Estates & Facilities Management Stage

    (1) Climate Resilient Schools in London

    (2) The Unintended consequences of changing climate and decarbonisation on cognitive performance of school children

    Session Speakers:

  38. Sustainability Stage

    (1) The route to low embodied carbon in Higher Education science facilities

    (2) Embodied Carbon in Building Design

    Session Speakers:

  39. SEND Stage

    (1) Learning Through the Senses

    (2) Transport Planning for SEND Schools

    Session Speakers:

  40. Estates & Facilities Management Stage
    Details to follow
  41. Main Stage



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