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Department for Education Sustainability Award Spotlight

17 Oct 2023
Sustainability Stage

Panel Session featuring representatives from finalists of the Department for Education Sustainability Award:

  • Abbey Multi Academy Trust
  • Collingwood Primary School
  • Damers First School
  • Earth Guardians Eco Action Platform!
  • Loreto College - Going Green
  • Windsor Academy Trust
Crawford Wright, Head of Architecture and Design: Schools and Colleges - Department for Education
Beverly Quinn, Engineering and Indoor Environment Lead - Department for Education
Stephanie Ingleby, Teacher and Eco Lead - Collingwood Primary School
Edd Moore, Teacher and Eco Coordinator - Damers First School
Chris Berry, Director of Operations - Windsor Academy Trust
Keith Hicklin, Head of Estates - Windsor Academy Trust
David Ryder, Head of IT & Infrastructure - Abbey Multi Academy Trust
Luke Prosser, Sustainability & Environment Manager - Loreto Sixth Form College
Jo Pettifer, Climate Action Advisor - Ashden



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