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Estates Strategy

17 Oct 2023
Estates & Facilities Management Stage
Unlocking efficiencies in the education estate
Will Attlee, Director of Development, LocatEd

Will Attlee will address the importance of good estate management in individual schools and across the estate as a whole, and in the context of the Government Property Strategy (published September 2022) which calls for a ‘smaller, better, greener’ public estate. He will reflect on LocatED’s work on the Surplus Land for Housing Pilot and other opportunities to unlock land-based development opportunities and promote good facilities management strategies.

He will also talk about how the learnings from the pilot are being applied not only to housing but other uses such as wider community use, power generation and biodiversity net-gain.

Will will also mention the ‘Developing Education Land’ guidance available before October, which will be a one-stop shop for anyone involved in the development and sale of school land.

Marcus Lyon, Director - AtkinsRéalis
Will Attlee, Associate Director of Development - LocatED



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