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Workshop: Hybrid Workplaces for Higher Education Without More Space or Costs

17 Oct 2023

Hybrid Workplaces for Higher Education Without More Space or Costs

Further to a research based workshop undertaken with estates professionals in 2022 there is an opportunity to develop multiple strands of investigation into the future of space in Higher Education. We asked members of AUDE, how to design a hybrid workplace environment that promotes choice but doesn’t add space or cost? We also asked how do you create identity over ownership of space for particular faculty functions in a loose fit flexible teaching building? We have the foundations of a compelling response, but seek to develop key themes further.

Working in a design sprint format, the workshop will challenge delegates to think about a hypothetical scenario posed by an estates team. Work will begin from a designed starting point, a hypothetical solution, upon which discussion can build a more comprehensive set of positives and negatives.

The findings of the workshop will be drawn up for release to all delegates.

Harry Hoodless, Founding Director - Studio Hoodless
Mark Evans, Director of Architecture - Broadway Malyan
Richard Foster, Director and Affiliate Director of KAMPUS - Richard Foster Architects



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