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Intelligent Buildings

18 Oct 2023
Operational Stage

Intelligent Buildings
Thomas Gould, Framework Lead, Skanska

At Skanska, we have been working on and developing a custom Intelligent Buildings platform and service that will transform the way building/asset owners, tenants/occupiers and facilities managers maximise building performance.

For the asset owner, this is about understanding operational efficiency and sustainability, striving to achieve the best possible building performance and net-zero carbon targets. Specifically, within education, this is about creating a connection with a building for teachers and students, understanding the impact it has on its users, and the impact the users have on the spaces they occupy. Ensuring an optimal health and wellbeing environment is key in achieving maximum productivity. For the Facilities Manager (FM), this is about a shift in the way buildings are maintained, utilising the digital twin in operation.

We intend to educate the audience how with the support of digital technologies, and a robust digital transformation strategy, can create solutions that enable the education sector to advance in its maturity of being a more productive sector during the operational phase of an asset with a focus on carbon, operational efficiency, and productivity, for all end users.
During the session, we will take you through our journey to date, what we have learnt from our customer base, and how we have retrospectively delivered one of the smartest buildings in London, our London head office 51 Moorgate. In addition, we will discuss how we are now looking to apply this to the education sector, creating value for local schools, colleges, and higher education facilities.

Thomas Gould, Head of Digital Solutions - Skanska UK Plc



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