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Designing for SEND

16 Oct 2024
SEND Stage
SEND Stage

Transdisciplinarity & Learning Innovation
Richard Gargon & Jackie Saha, Humberston Park

Transdisciplinarity is an approach that goes beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries: at Humberston Park School we emphasise collaboration and integration of knowledge from a range of disciplines including health, care and education, to address complex issues or problems which many of the pupils experience. Unlike 'teaching', transdisciplinarity encourages an inclusive, holistic and interconnected practice that transcends the confines of specific academic and 'multidisciplinary' approaches. Our transdisciplinary learning model focuses on giving each pupil the very best experiences enabling personalised outcomes relative to their needs, desires and aspirations. Five teams work together, focussing on developing the quality of pupils’ experiences.

Designing for SEND – Alfreton Park Community School
Wayne Head, Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture

Alfreton Park is an award winning special educational needs and disabilities all-through school. A direct response to the current crisis seen for SEND schools across the country, with children missing out on education due to lack of support and space in the current system. The presentation will discuss:

  • SEND School design
  • Importance of engagement with school users in design, boosting student and staff confidence and relationships
  • Sustainable and collaborative design principles
  • Positive learning influences
  • Achieving outstanding public building and 21st century learning environments
Richard Gargon, Headteacher - Humberston Park School
Jackie Saha, Assistant Headteacher - Humberston Park School
Wayne Head, Director and Education Specialist - Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture



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