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Inclusive Environments: Learning from other sectors

15 Oct 2024
Main Stage
Main Stage

Education in the Secure Environment
Dave Clark, Lincolnshire County Council, Lorna Crowther, Kier Design & Amy Dalzell, Department of Education

There are 14 Secure Children’s Homes throughout England and Wales providing placements for vulnerable Young People between 10 and 18. The homes deliver tailored care in high-quality, safe, and therapeutic environments that meet all the Young People’s social, educational and health needs. Children are placed in the homes directly from the Courts, either through the Youth Custody Service or through the Welfare route.

The Lincolnshire Secure Children’s Home (Millennium Lodge) is a pathfinder scheme. The project team informed the design development process with visits to other exemplar Secure Children’s Homes and educational establishments. They have sought to implement the learning from these visits and the best practices at the establishments studied.

The goal is to enable Young People to access educational facilities. This is at a time when the Young People accommodated present increasingly complex and multiple needs (such as child sexual exploitation, gang-related violence, mental health issues, and substance misuse). By adopting best practices in the design and operation of the new Secure Home. The project seeks to provide facilities where Young People can access both core curriculum and vocational subjects that will support their training and enhance their future employability prospects.

The design aims to normalise education as part of each Young Person’s daily routine. There are clearly delineated zones for education, healthcare, and residential accommodation. The project team have carefully considered how educational experiences can be provided. Whether this is through technological innovation, or through more practical training experiences to meet the educational needs and learning methods of each Young Person. The layout of the educational facilities reflects that of a school. The facilities are robust, safe, and secure with the flexibility to meet each Young Person’s individual educational needs.

Dave Clarke, Service Lead - Secure Estates - Lincolnshire County Council
Lorna Crowther, Managing/Regional Lead Architect - Kier Design



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