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Interiors – Lighting & Acoustics

15 Oct 2024
SEND Stage
SEND Stage

Acoustic Design Watchlist - What the Building Bulletins don't cover!
Emma Greenland, Anderson Acoustics

What to watch for in acoustic design of schools, issues that are not covered by normal compliance with Building Regulations, DfE Building Bulletins and BREEAM. Issues that can have a significant impact on the building in use, from futureproofing against change in use, to achieving speech privacy in rooms for safeguarding, to sound insulation in music rooms, to control of noise buildup in social spaces, and improved acoustic conditions for students with aural diversity needs.

Flexibility and Lighting Design
Zane Putne, Noviun, Anna Monaghan, Haverstock & Dr Shelley James

Emma Greenland, Director - Anderson Acoustics
Zane Putne, SEND Director - Noviun Architects
Anna Monaghan, Associate - Haverstock
Dr Shelley James - Age of Light Innovations Group



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