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International Collaboration

16 Oct 2024
SEND Stage
SEND Stage

Re-thinking SEN provision for KSA
Tania Croghan, Pozzoni Architecture & Sarah Crowley, AECOM

Over 3,000 miles away lies the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with a transformative objective to develop two new school design guides (mainstream and SEN) to meet the wider ‘Vision 2030’ ambitions.

Appointing a specialist UK team in 2023, AECOM and Pozzoni Architecture have been working in partnership to re-think SEN provision for KSA. The detailed process has led the team to consider the ‘why, what, how’ in order to establish baseline information and key project determinates.

The presentation will detail how this public/private sector collaboration is sharing knowledge, and recognising similarities and differences across the two nations, to achieve a transformation of SEN service provision to improve pupils’ quality of life, whilst ultimately elevating KSA’s position in the global education arena.

Shane Cryer, Education Lead - Saint-Gobain Ecophon
Tania Croghan, Associate - Pozzoni Architecture
Sarah Crowley, Director - AECOM



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