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MMC & Mass Timber Design

16 Oct 2024
Design, Construction & Delivery Stage
Design, Construction & Delivery Stage

Four years of learning from the Department for Education’s MMC1 Off-Site Schools Framework
Joe Shepherd, Reds10

Drawing on the lessons learnt from 18-school projects across primary, secondary and SEND, we will reflect on the practical steps that are taken to give clients assurance in offsite delivery; including technology led quality controls, fire testing with the Building Research Establishment and product standardisation. Using examples, we will demonstrate how standardisation was used to increase pre-manufactured value on school projects, whilst achieving flexibility for clients end-users.

Innovations in Low Carbon Mass Timber Design of Schools
Steve Peet, Engenuiti

The Engenuiti team will deliver a whistle-stop tour of key design strategies that can be employed to manage issues such as durability, fire and insurance, whilst delivering practical, beautiful, low carbon education Timber buildings.

Using some example case studies, Engenuiti will demonstrate how an integrated approach to Timber design alongside the substructure design from concept to construction can enhance the final building product while minimising risk and cost.

Joe Shepherd, Director – Education Sector Lead - Reds10
Steve Peet, Associate Engineer - Engenuiti



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