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Optimising PV design in school settings

16 Oct 2024
Operational Workshops
Operational Stage

Optimising PV design in school settings
Alan Fogarty & Ian Keeling, Cundall and Andrew Wholley, Mott Macdonald

Photovoltaic (PV) arrays are a commonly used method for offsetting school energy use through on site renewables in order to meet the DfE’s net zero carbon in operation (NZCiO) standards. PVs are a well understood and cost affective technology.

PVs do not come without their challenges and limitations though. This presentation will illustrate the findings of a small consultant team who are currently undertaking research into various net-zero carbon design issues. We will set the scene by first outlining where we are as a sector. What are the current DfE standards, how is the need for PV arrays typically assessed and what are the key site and technical constraints?

We will then present a number of alternative design strategies, how these can be used to reach a more effective approach to PV design and the assessment methodology that validates and supports their use.

Alan Fogarty, Partner - Cundall
Ian Keeling, Principal Engineer - Cundall
Andrew Wholley, Senior Associate - Mott MacDonald



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