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Developing SEND inclusivity in estates

15 Oct 2024
SEND Stage
SEND Stage

Developing a SEND Sufficiency Strategy - The How to Guide

The rising trend for pupils needing places at specialist provision is growing a pace and showing no signs of stopping. 

This presentation will provide delegates with a whistlestop tour of what we believe a good strategic approach looks like; the component parts, hints and tips for specific challenges, and will be rounded off with an example of how one LA put their strategy into action.

Key takeaways will include

  • What works well and less well
  • How to align estate requirements and inclusion strategies – why building more and more isn't the answer
  • Benefits of a mixed model of provision

SEND: A truly inclusive Strategy
Marcus Lyon, AtkinsRéalis

How can both education providers and property professionals collaborate to develop a truly inclusive strategy, which not only addresses the rising numbers in SEND educational needs but also addresses the social, environmental, and economic challenges local authorities and MATs are facing.

Key takeaways will include:

1. Advice and guidance, on how to develop a holistic plan to provide additional places including:

  • Special Support Centres (SSCs) at mainstream schools
  • Expand maintained special schools
  • Create satellite sites to existing special schools

2. Convert vacant council assets for SEND use, e.g. commercial buildings.

3. How to develop a business case approach for SEND

Nikola Idle, Director of Consultancy - Shared Agenda
Marcus Lyon, Director - AtkinsRéalis



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