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Using Data to inform Spaces

16 Oct 2024
Estates & Facilities Management Stage
Estates & Facilities Management Stage

Enhancing Higher Education Spaces Through Data-Driven Insights
Becky Hayward & Jinu Varughese, Buro Happold

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, understanding space utilisation trends is paramount for optimising campus environments. This presentation distils key findings from Buro Happold’s studies, shedding light on unexpected shifts in space usage within universities and colleges, and also illustrate how these data can be used within agent-based modelling to test design proposals before implementation to enhance student experience.

By reviewing space utilisation data from diverse sources, uncovering powerful patterns and behavioural shifts post-pandemic, and using agent based modelling, the outputs empower estates teams to strategically enhance campus/building utilisation, fostering a richer educational experience for students and align with their sustainability goals.

Preserving the past, building the future: navigating a growing campus in a historic city
Louise Boddie, Hudson Architects & Jeremy Smeeth, Norwich University of the Arts

Historic cities depend on universities for investment, expertise, and identity. However, expanding university campuses to meet the needs of future students and the city is not without its challenges. Jeremy Smeeth (Norwich University of the Arts) and Louise Boddie (Hudson Architects) explore the relationship between historic cities and universities, and the challenges and opportunities this connection brings. The presentation covers four themes, illustrated by the award-winning and innovative campus this team has delivered.

  • Adaptive Re-use of Existing Buildings
  • Creating Journeys and Pathways Through the City
  • Adapting Buildings for Fair and Equitable Access
  • Connecting to the Community.
Trevor Wills, Director of Estates & Facilities - University of Plymouth
Becky Hayward, Associate Director - Buro Happold
Jinu Varughese, Associate Director - Buro Happold
Louise Boddie, Senior Associate - Hudson Architects
Jeremy Smeeth, Chief Operating Officer - Norwich University of the Arts



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