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Using Digital Twins to create sustainable environments

15 Oct 2024
Estates & Facilities Management Stage
Estates & Facilities Management Stage

Harnessing BIM for Excellence in Estate Management: A Journey Towards Digital Twins
Paul Stewart, Trust Estates and Facilities Manager, Plymouth CAST & Jeremy Pilgrim, Managing Director, School Property Matters

The presentation will cover:

  • BIM’s pivotal role in school estate management, breaking data silos for informed investment strategies and optimisation.
  • Emphasising the shift to comprehensive datasets for better decision-making, significantly enhancing operational and strategic decisions.
  • Practical challenges in BIM implementation and digital twin development, with solutions from Plymouth CAST’s experience.
  • Highlighting collaborative partnerships including School Property Matters and Department for Education for successful implementation.
  • Understanding BIM’s practical benefits, including efficiency and enhanced decision-making, with insights on adoption for sustainable educational estate management.

Navigating the Net Zero Carbon Pathway with Digital Twins
Jason Whittall, Director, ONE Creative environments (ONE)

The Speakers will demonstrate how Digital Twins can transform educational facilities towards net-zero carbon emissions and show the practical implementation of Digital Twin for educational estate through a case study. The case study will illustrate the integration of Building Information Models (BIM) with the Internet of Things (IoT) and will demonstrate how digital twin implementation can support the journey to net-zero carbon. They'll explain the basics of digital twins, smart buildings, and the benefits of linking 3D assets to data and how to link YOUR 3D assets to YOUR data. The presentation will highlight how real-time data can enhance building performance, manage energy, and optimise space utilisation, demonstrating practical applications for reducing carbon footprints effectively.


Hershil Patel, Associate Director | Sustainability Lead for Government and Public Agencies - Arcadis
Paul Stewart, Trust Estates and Facilities Manager - Plymouth CAST
Jeremy Pilgrim, Managing Director - School Property Matters
Jason Whittall, Director - ONE Creative environments (ONE)



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