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Keep Cool and Carry on: Adapting learning environments for hot weather

18 Oct 2022
Cobden Room 3 & 4

With the 2022 summer being the joint-hottest on record for the UK, and the likelihood of climate change bringing increasing hot and dry summers, how do we manage overheating of existing education buildings?

Poorly ventilated and unsuitably hot classrooms affect the performance and health of children and teachers- we need to look at ventilation strategies and other sun protection options to provide safer, more effective environments.

Join Helen Taylor, Joe Jack Williams and Matt Isherwood at this interactive workshop where they will be inviting discussion and recording ideas on ways to minimise the risk of overheating in existing buildings and provide information and practical advice to reduce discomfort.

Helen Taylor, Director of Practice - Scott Brownrigg
Matt Isherwood, Associate - Barker
Joe Jack Williams, Associate - Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios



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