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Atkins is a world-leading design, engineering and project-management consultancy. We are in the business of making the world’s infrastructure work better. Using data-rich, virtual and collaborative technologies, Atkins helps clients to make better decisions for complex projects. Our approach and use of cutting-edge technology radically transforms projects and improves results across the entire lifecycle of an asset.


Seeing the bigger picture...

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We are challenging our industry. We are involving all stakeholders and communities. We are focused on diversity and inclusion. And we are building sustainability into every project that we work on. Because we want to radically transform infrastructure so people, business and communities thrive.

What we do helps to shape the lived environment for the future. We have a unique opportunity to ensure it works well for the communities it serves, so that people can live healthier, more prosperous and happier lives for generations to come.

By harnessing the diversity of people and the power of data and technology, we believe we can help our clients to design, deliver and maintain infrastructure that helps the world to work better for all.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy

At the forefront of innovation, Atkins has shaped engineering and design for generations. 

Whether it’s the London 2012 Olympics, the Burj al Arab, Dubai metro, the channel tunnel or the ITER experimental fusion reactor, Atkins has worked on some of the most iconic and mould-breaking infrastructure projects.

Our consultants, engineers, technologists and project managers have helped clients reshape the world, with new ways of designing and building that make the lived environment work better for everyone.

With our commitment to talent and to nurturing a more diverse workforce, Atkins is a major driver in making the industry more inclusive. This is also a core part of our legacy - and key to our plan to build a better future.

Engineering Net Zero

Engineering Net Zero

The UN Paris Agreement sets out a global commitment for the world to be Carbon Net Zero by 2100 to avoid the impact of catastrophic climate change. Many nations have additionally committed to voluntary pledges of reduction by 2050 or earlier.

Part of our mission to help lead the industry in achieving Net Zero as rapidly as possible. Our global cross-sector experience and broad heritage of engineering excellence puts us in a unique position to address the challenges and identify the opportunities in pursuit of Net Zero.

We will strive to push the boundaries of innovation to enable our clients to develop solutions for positive change, and we are passionate about the difference we can make to the world around us.

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