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Galliford Try is a leading UK construction business employing 3,300 people across the country. We are a people-orientated, progressive business, driven by our values to deliver lasting change for our stakeholders and the communities we work in. We are passionate about our role in providing vital buildings and infrastructure across the country, committed to the idea that what we do makes a real difference to people’s lives. Our purpose, vision and values shape our culture, proactively guiding our day-to-day activities and keeping us focused on what's important to us. 


Seeing the bigger picture...

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through building the facilities and infrastructure that communities need, providing opportunities for our people to learn, grow and progress, working with our supply chain to promote the very best working practice and caring for the environment in which we work.

We do this by holding true to our values, delivering excellence for our clients and the community, being passionate about our role in providing vital services, putting integrity at the heart of our business by doing the right thing, and collaborating with our clients, supply chain and stakeholders to deliver lasting change and long-term value.



Galliford Try is one of the leading contractors in the country across schools, colleges and universities, focusing on providing the very best outcomes for students and academic staff. We are a multiple award-winning and market-leading provider of school facilities. We play a significant role in renewing and expanding the schools estate across the country, from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the South West of England.

Across the country, we have been trusted by the UK’s leading universities to deliver high-quality buildings that meet a wide range of operational needs, including teaching and research facilities, student accommodation and social and cultural spaces.




We recognise that being sustainable makes us more efficient, helps us to win work, engages our employees and benefits communities and the environment. This is why our sustainability commitments are integral to our strategy. Importantly, they are at the core of delivering stakeholder value. 

As a responsible business, we manage our impacts in relation to six fundamental areas: our people, health and safety, environment and climate change, communities, clients, and supply chain. As part of our strategy update, we have reviewed the sustainability priorities of our principal stakeholder groups and renewed our key commitments across these six pillars.

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