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08 Oct 2021

Warneford Consulting - Exhibitor Spotlight Interview

Q1 - Tell me about you and Warneford Consulting.

Warneford Consulting have been providing bid and estate management support for academy schools over the last 10 years. Tim Warneford, the Managing Director, has an academic and professional background in building surveying and humanities. These areas are interlinked through social policy and the causal relationship between pupils, their learning environment and their life chances.


Q2 - What will you be presenting at Education Estates this year?

Tim and Kevin Yardley, the Director of Income Generation at the Generations Multi Academy Trust, will be co-presenting at Education Estates this year. A core objective in Kevin’s work is to consult with local communities and understand their specific needs. Kevin will be sharing the way in which the Generations Multi Academy Trust does this, and also how they are offsetting capital expenditures and operating expenses to provide school estates with improved sports facilities which can be open to community use.


Q3 - Tell me about some of the recent education based project you’ve been involved in?

At present, Warneford Consulting are occupied with pre-start meetings ahead of the summer’s Strategic Innovation Fund awarded projects. They are also playing a pivotal role in assisting schools to navigate their way through an unregulated energy procurement market. As such, loggers and meters have been installed in schools to paint a picture and understand energy usage patterns. Tim has presented both virtually and in person at Education Estates previously and is looking forward to attending and liaising with everyone this October.

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