FireClass Triple Sensor Technology False Alarm Immunity and CO detection for Life Safety

Johnson Controls - FireClass Stand: 713

Why choose the triple sensore detector FC460PC from FireClass?

First for False Alarm Immunity and CO detection for Life Safety


Why choose the triple sensor detector FC460PC from FireClass?


Speed of Detection

Faster detection because of gas is present before smoke or flames can be seen, for example, slow smouldering fires.

Reduction of False Alarms

The two different modes enable adjustments to the sensitivity of the detector to maximize the resilience to false alarms.

Adaptable and Flexible

For a wide range of premises and fire risks. The triple sensor detector can be programmed individually with a day and night mode and with two modes of sensitivity.

Advanced Technology inside the chamber

Determine a real fire with more precision; significantly reducing false alarms

The sixth generation of detection technology from Johnson Controls has advanced so it can alert you in the case of a fire at the earliest opportunity. The detectors are designed to provide best-in-class discrimination of false alarms through their advanced chamber design.

  • Robust and Reliable

Improved reliability with a fully coated thermistor designed to withstand contamination.

  • Adapted to the Environment

The new optical chamber screen is designed to help protect the detector against insects, which can cause false alarms if they enter the chamber.

  • Built to Reduce False Alarms

Circuit boards are specifically treated to resist moisture and prevent false alarms.

  • Lower Lifetime Costs

Generation 6 detectors have been specially engineered with drift compensation which ensures sensitivity will stay at a constant level even with severe chamber contamination, for example caused by dust.

  • Better Performance

Unique smoke detection chamber made from antistatic material to achieve faster detection of smoke from the most dangerous fires.

  • Greater Fault Tolerance

The advanced chamber is designed to prevent steam and dust particlesfrom entering the chamber, avoiding false alarm disruptions.

  • Advanced Design

Engineered with the most sophisticated infrared technology for detecting real fire risks.


Better performance, longer lifespan, lower costs

Represents the optimum in fire detection

Only CO detection can provide early, reliable detection. Based on various realistic fire tests, Carbon monoxide fire detection yields advantages in early detection of fires in many cases. Most notably those which present the greatest danger to life. The risk areas that would be better protected by carbon monoxide fire detection are:


1. Areas with soft furnishings, theatres, residential, hospitals, clothing industry etc. Where the likelihood of an undiscovered fire smouldering for a significant period before reaching flaming ignition, enables carbon monoxide detectors to give several hours advanced warning, possibly saving many lives and significant property damage.

2. Corridors used for escape routes. Where smoke from a fire in adjacent room can cool rapidly and sink to the floor, thus obscuring the escape route before building up sufficiently to reach the smoke detectors to signal alarm.

3. Areas for storage of materials which are susceptible to spontaneous smouldering combustion, such as coal dust stores, hay barns, peat stores etc.


Adaptable to any building, facility or workspace


First for False Alarm Immunity


Choosing the right mode for your requirements

In addition to benefiting from Triple Sensing Detecting Technology, it is important to select the right mode for different environments and your needs.

Mode 0 Universal Mode

Maximum protection with all three elements providing inputs to a complex algorithm. The sensitivity of each element is automatically adjusted in response to these inputs resulting in fast, reliable detection across an extensive range of fire types.

Mode 1 Resilient Mode

Maximum false alarm immunity, employing all three elements in a similar way to the 460PC Universal Mode. The emphasis is on zero false alarms and is intended for the more difficult detection environments, and where occupancy activity could be problematic.

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