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SuperDuperTube Launch

Fagerhult Lighting Stand: 210
SuperDuperTube Launch

The core of Superdupertube lies in its materials, a testament to our commitment to pioneering regenerative design and material research. The teams explored various materials to create a locally sourced solution with a smaller ecological footprint. Hemp, with its strong fibers and minimal environmental impact, emerged as the optimal choice. This material not only reduced CO2 emissions by over 50%, surpassing traditional aluminum variants but also seamlessly integrated into ateljé Lyktan’s existing production processes.

”When ateljé Lyktan challenged us to create a new technical office luminaire, we rediscovered their iconic Supertube from the 1970s. Our joint decision was clear—let’s update and elevate the Supertube to a 2.0 version, guided by our commitment to sustainability and cradle-to-cradle thinking,” says Snøhetta Partner Jenny B. Osuldsen.

A material journey with natural variation

The collaboration with suppliers Bergman’s and Trifilon marked a journey of sustainable material development. Initial attempts with pinecones and coffee grounds led to the discovery of hemp fiber, showcasing the significance of partnerships in pushing sustainable design boundaries. Superdupertube is the first project where a material based on hemp is extruded in an existing extrusion process.

Unlike the other materials tested, hemp offered the required strength. The organic material mix, enhanced with sugarcane starch, not only met the functional needs but also aligned with the two brand’s dedication to develop more sustainable solutions. Hemp, an ancient crop with versatile applications, grows abundantly without depleting the soil.

”The key improvement involves a complete revamp of the material and the integration of a smart light system. The extensive material research journey, culminating in the use of hemp and sugar canes as the foundation for the new material, marks just the beginning of our quest for more sustainable, regenerative solutions. The Superdupertube serves as an inspiration, urging others to continue seeking innovative solutions for a better future”, says Osuldsen.

Natural innovation

The hemp material’s inherent color introduces a unique aspect—each lamp’s color will vary with different hemp crops. This natural variation also influences the color temperature of light(K). The LED strips are emitting a warmer tone through the material. The lamps are available in two color temperatures: 4000K (tuned to 3800K ambient light) and 3000K (tuned to 2800K ambient light).

Superdupertube embraces a PLA (Polylactic Acid) material derived from sugarcane reinforced with hemp fiber to create a biodegradable polymer free from fossil oil or gas. This conscious material choice contributes to reducing the environmental footprint. The choice of extrusion as a production method pays homage to the original Supertube’s innovation with aluminum extrusion. Various techniques are employed in crafting the Superdupertube, with features like the louvre and side covers being injection-molded also using a hemp and sugarcane material mix tailored to the production method.

Reborn, smarter, and easy to fix

Just as the original Supertube marked innovation in the 1970s, Superdupertube symbolizes a commitment to more sustainable solutions. ateljé Lyktan and Snøhetta’s meticulous consideration of design, material, flow, and process results in a product with minimized environmental impact – both in materiality and function.

Recognizing that 70-80% of a luminaire’s climate impact occurs during the user phase, ateljé Lyktan and Snøhetta emphasized efficiency and incorporated smart lighting systems to reduce energy consumption and expand its lifetime.

The design and the well-engineered extruded profile have optimized easy assembly and disassembly by enabling components to slide in place without glues and minimal use of screws. This also makes it possible to easily replace parts, repair malfunctions, and update lighting technologies in the future. Superdupertube not only reduces dependence on fossil raw materials but is also industrially compostable. This project pushes the norms around what an office lamp could look like and be made of and is meant to contribute to and encourage further advancement within sustainable and innovative materials and production technologies.

”This Product is part of our focus on creating sustainable environments for office and education. Spaces that contribute to creativity, productivity and well-being and at the same time leaves a minimum carbon footprint. Superdupertube is first of its kind, it is a tool for navigating towards a circular economy and a step in the right direction, but definitely not the last” says Malin Gadd, Product Director at ateljé Lyktan.

Versatile lighting with character

Designed as a versatile office lamp, the Superdupertube comes in four lengths. The diagonal louver reduces glare through longitudinal and diagonal light shielding and imparts a distinctive character to the fixtures. ateljé Lyktan’s collaboration with Snøhetta embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design. Superdupertube pays homage to the past and paves the way for a future where innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.




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