23 Aug 2022

HobSensus - Making kitchens safer

  • HobSensus - Making kitchens safer
  • HobSensus - Making kitchens safer
  • HobSensus - Making kitchens safer
HobSensus - Making kitchens safer HobSensus - Making kitchens safer HobSensus - Making kitchens safer

There are on average 37,000 house fires per year in the UK, almost 50% of them originate in the kitchen, the majority of which are caused by unattended pans on hobs.

HobSensus is a safety device for use in communal kitchens or those in assisted living homes, sheltered housing, and student accommodation. It makes kitchens safer by alerting residents if there is potential for a pan fire and by ensuring that hobs are not left switched on when a kitchen is left unattended.

There are two methods by which HobSensus operates, firstly it has a timer that can be set to 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes. Secondly there is a 64-zone sensor that ‘watches’ the cooking surface, registering the heat of each ring.

It couldn’t be simpler to use – a press of the red button commences the pre-set timer, so if the person preparing the food is distracted and leaves the kitchen, the hob will automatically switch off after the pre-set time has elapsed.

The sensor in the device divides the cooking space into zones. When temperatures rise above 250°C - for example if oil is being used to cook – a warning bleep is sounded and the LED lights flash, if no action is taken and the temperature continues to rise, at 290°C the warning sounds and flashing lights become more intense and the power to the hob is cut. Cooking oil has a flashpoint of around 315°C so, HobSensus reacts well in advance of the potential for ignition.

The sensor can ‘see’ a wide angle and is therefore suitable for most electric hobs with width dimensions of between 600mm and 900mm. It is easy to install, in most cases it takes fewer than 45 minutes.

HobSensus is tamper-proof thanks to clever design and robust manufacture. The hard-wearing fascia is easy to keep clean and ensures the units effectiveness in the most challenging environments.

When integrated with the Prefect Controls central control energy management system - Irus, HobSensus 'talks' to the nearest control unit in the accommodation block and transmits data back to the user interface. This provides indication of battery power levels (if not hard-wired), hob power usage, a trigger log, presence detection, leak detection, communication error alerts and multi-hob power cut-off. This means that if a building is evacuated as the result of a smoke or fire alarm being triggered, HobSensus will ensure all hobs in the block are switched off to avoid secondary ignitions and the unnecessary return of safety personnel.

Fully compliant with European Standard EN50615:2015 conscientious landlords and people caring for those living with dementia can be confident that kitchens are safer with HobSensus on the wall.