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05 Sep 2023

Hytera BP565 DMR and Analogue Handheld Radio

RadioTrader Stand: 617

The Hytera BP565 two-way radio offers a blend of advanced features and durability, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking reliable communication tools. Whether you're in challenging terrains or urban environments, the BP565 ensures you stay connected.

The BP565 supports both analogue and digital systems, with a robust build and advanced digital features such as Priority Interrupt, basic encryption, text messaging and roaming which ensure reliable performance in various conditions.


  • Technology & Software
  • Academy
  • College
  • Faith School
  • Free School
  • Grammar School
  • Grant Aided School
  • Local Authority School
  • Local Government
  • Middle School
  • Multi-Academy Trust
  • Primary School
  • Private School/Independent School
  • Pupil Referral Unit
  • Secondary School
  • Special School
  • State Boarding School
  • University



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