Manadon Primary Case Study

The Qube Modular Buildings Stand: 516

The Qube was tasked with providing a Design and Build solution
for a Primary School in Plymouth. This project was a little
different as there was a need to ‘futureproof’ the building for an
extension outwards and upwards.

The Qube worked very closely with its partner architects and
building control to determine a solution to meet the school’s
requirements to futureproof the building for expansion. This
included providing a more substantial foundation system to take
a load of a second storey on top of the new build.

The building was completed on time and to budget. The Qube
managed the clients' expectations throughout the project and
worked hand-in-hand with project consultants to ensure a high
quality build finish. Towards the end of the project the school
were back from the summer holidays, so we ensured our high
levels of Health and Safety policies were always adhered to
which kept site staff and children safe until the end of the

8 weeks
104 m2