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31 Aug 2023

TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush WC valve

Delabie UK LTD Stand: 521
  • TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush WC valve
  • TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush WC valve
TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush WC valve TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush WC valve

The TEMPOFLUX 3 WC valve with 3L/6L dual flush function optimises the flush volume and saves water. The flush volume can be adjusted to 2L/4L, to achieve the highest levels of environmental labels. An anti-blocking feature controls the flush volume regardless of the length of time the user presses the button.

Thanks to its soft-touch operation, the TEMPOFLUX 3 can be operated by any user (children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility). The acoustic level is reduced and complies with the European standard EN 12541 class II.

The black glass flush plate on the TEMPOFLUX 3 follows the desire for design that is increasingly sought after in public buildings. The polished metal buttons and surround are aesthetic assets that also add to the robust nature of the TEMPOFLUX 3. The flush plate is also available in satin finish or chrome-plated metal.

Easy to install
There are multiple installation options for the housing: fixed to plasterboard rails by the sides; to solid walls from the front, or onto panels from the rear. The housing can be cut to size lengthways to adjust to walls up to 120mm deep: thick walls (bricks or breeze blocks) for public buildings exposed to high levels of vandalism. The TEMPOFLUX 3 can be connected from outside the housing to standard or “pipe-in-pipe” systems.

Secure flush
During installation, the cartridge can be replaced by a temporary casing to facilitate and ensure a safe system flush, without damaging this sensitive element.

Waterproof housing
Standard housings are designed to be cut to size behind the collar which increases the risk of leaks between the wall and the collar. DELABIE has developed a housing that can be cut to size in front of the collar which ensures that the installation is completely watertight. A seal integrated within the collar means that the housing is 100% waterproof. The collar simply clips onto notches on the housing which help to lock it in place (patented system).

Resistant to intensive use and vandalism
To avoid misuse and waste, the TEMPOFLUX 3 is equipped with an AB Anti-Blocking system. This security feature prevents the valve being blocked in the open position. The valve flushes only when the push-button is released.

Simple to service and maintain
The cartridge, flush actuator and stopcock are all accessible from the front. Simply remove the flush plate to gain access. The flush volume can be adjusted (3L/6L or 2L/4L) on the back of the flush plate, without shutting off the water or removing the valve. Unlike other products that are available, TEMPOFLUX 3’s backflow prevention device is located inside the housing. In the event of any backflow, the water will be evacuated in front of the wall, via the housing, and not behind (or into) the wall. The valve is suitable for grey water and sea water. The valve can be disconnected and removed from the inside without removing the housing, making protection from frost and in-depth maintenance easier. 




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