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Exhibitor Support and Resources for Education Estates® 

We are delighted that you are part of Education Estates® 2023!

Please take the time to read through each section of the digital manual fully and we hope this page provides helpful information to assist with preparations for being onsite and attending the event. 

If you have any questions or need specific assistance, please contact the Operations Department on, who will be pleased to help you. 

Checklist and Deadlines

A helpful checklist has been created with all the links you require for organising your stand and booking any extras. Please take the time to diarise these deadlines in order to ensure you do not miss any vital booking dates. 


There is a deadline for each service provided by contractors working at Education Estates®.

The deadlines are essential for contractors, detailing exhibitor requirements in advance so that arrangements can be made to ensure supply of the assistance, equipment or services required. Some contractors impose a surcharge for any orders received after the deadline date.

In some instances, it may not be possible to provide services or equipment ordered after the deadline date. All exhibitors are requested therefore to meet the specified deadlines and no liability can be accepted in the instance that deadlines are missed.

The sections below elaborate on all elements of the show, and also include these deadlines and booking links/contact details too.

The Venue - Manchester Central


Manchester Central, Central Hall 2

Windmill St, Manchester

M2 3GX

How to get there: DOWNLOAD THE MAP

Google maps: View the venue location HERE

Apple maps: View the venue location HERE

Key timings of the show

Monday 16 October - Build up day - 08.00* - 20.00 (*dependant on your stand agreement - see Shell Scheme/Space Only build up times)

Tuesday 17 October - Conference & Exhibition Live - 08.45 - 18.00 - View the conference programme: 

Tuesday 17 October - Awards Ceremony - 19.00 - 01.00 at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, Manchester: Find out more

Wednesday 18 October - Conference & Exhibition - 08.45 - 16.00

Wednesday 18 October - Breakdown - 16.30* - 20.00 (*dependant on your stand agreement - see Shell Scheme/Space Only build up times)


We have arranged preferential rates with Event Express, who will help you secure accommodation for Education Estates® at special event rates.

A booking link will be available soon.

Event Express

Telephone: 01905 732737


Exhibitor Registration and Badge Scanners 

Exhibitor Badges

Every member of staff from either the primary exhibiting company or from subsidiary companies exhibiting together on the same stand who will be working at Manchester Central during Education Estates® must wear an exhibitor pass to gain access. Persons not wearing an exhibitor pass will not be permitted access to the exhibition hall.

Complete your badge order for yourself and exhibition staff via this link. Badges can be collected onsite when you arrive form our registration team.

Please ensure you have registered yourself and your team here:


Badge Scanners

On arrival, all delegates and visitors will receive a large, clearly printed badge that will contain a bar coded registration number unique to each person. The bar code can be recorded using a badge scanner or mobile device app, either can be hired from the registration company Jonas Event Technology. Exhibitors can capture the full details of every visitor that they see at Education Estates® and their details will be passed on directly to every visitor they scan.

Badges can be ordered from Jonas Event Technology and can be collected onsite from the self-service terminals:

Order online, via this link

Parking and Loading / Unloading Procedure 


The closest car park is the NCP Undercroft, accessed from Lower Mosley Street although there are other car parks in the vicinity. 

The code MCEXHIB14 provides discounted parking of £14 per day, in the Manchester Central NCP car park.

This code can be used by pre booking online here or via the Park Pass app.

Please note, if using the code on the Park Pass app, this MUST be installed ready to go PRIOR to arriving at the car park. The system takes the entry information when applying any discounts, if the code is not there on entry the discount will not be applied for that visit.

The NCP Undercroft is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is a height restriction of 6 feet 6 inches (approx 1.98 metres) on the Undercroft car park.

The post code for your sat nav is M2 3GX.

Larger vehicles will need to park nearby the venue, this link shows the parking available and height restrictions where applicable,

National Car Parks

Telephone: 0345 050 7080


Risk Assessments

In order to adhere to venue regulations, ALL exhibiting companies must submit a Risk Assessment prior to the event. Please complete the Risk Assessment Template and return by Friday 26 August 2022.   


For further guidance on Health & Safety or Risk Assessments contact:

Step Connect2 Ltd

Contact: Operations Team 

Telephone: 01892 351 626


 Risk Assessment deadline Friday 26 August 2022

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

All personnel onsite during build-up and breakdown must adhere to the health & safety regulations. 

Please be advised that Manchester Central requires all contractors and exhibitors entering the construction site during build up and break down, wear regulatory orange or yellow hi-vis, appropriate footwear and hard hats (where applicable) . Anybody arriving without the appropriate colour will be required to purchase the correct hi-vis from the Concierge Desk. 

Contractors working for you must wear orange or yellow hi-vis and steel toe capped boots during these periods. Hi-vis waistcoats can be purchased onsite from Manchester Central (£3 each) but exhibitors and contractors should bring their own where possible.

For the latest information and guidance on stand builds please download the eGuide:

All personnel onsite during build-up must watch the Manchester Central induction video. You can watch the induction video here:


Password: HEALTHandSafety_999

Fire Precaution 

Manchester Central is equipped with fire-protection systems. Exhibitors who require a special type of fire extinguisher because of the nature of their exhibits must make arrangements for the provision of such equipment at their own cost.

Any person seeing an outbreak of fire, however slight, should activate the fire alarm system and make every endeavour to extinguish the outbreak or to confine it using extinguishers and/or the removal of goods in the vicinity. Only attempt to fight the fire if it is safe to do so and you have been appropriately trained to do so.

First Aid Point

The first aid point is in the main registration area outside the exhibition hall. First aid can be contacted via any member of venue security staff. The event and stand name need to be given. Any ambulances required need to be ordered via the venue first aid team.

Manchester Central Health & Safety Site Rules

The following are the general health and safety site rules with regards to safe working. You are reminded that venue staff, exhibitors and contractors alike have a legal duty to cooperate with the organisers on matters of health and safety which includes compliance with these rules.

All participants must comply with any reasonable instruction given to them by either the organiser’s or the venue’s appointed health and safety staff.

Alcohol and Drugs

Drinking of alcohol on site during the build up and breakdown phase is forbidden.


Animals are not allowed on site unless they are part of the event. Guide and hearing dogs are permitted on request.


All balloons must be secured by some means. Lighter than air balloons are not permitted in the exhibition hall. There is a substantial charge payable if balloons are used and have to be retrieved from the roof voids. This cost will be charged to the exhibitor.


Children under 16 are strictly forbidden to be in the halls during the build up and breakdown. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Dust must be kept to a minimum. Dust extraction must be used, where fitted, on power tools.


There are strict rules governing what materials can be used to build stands and these will be covered by the venue’s regulations. Exhibitors and contractors must ensure that they are followed. In general you are not permitted to utilise on your event anything which is flammable or non flame resistant unless it has been treated. Venue fire and safety officers will carry out testing onsite to ensure that materials comply.

Combustible waste must be safely disposed of and boxes and packaging must not be stored on the stand.

Fire extinguishers will be set out during the build-up period. Please ensure that your stand personnel are conversant with their use and that they are aware of the position of the nearest fire alarm point.

First Aid

First Aid is supplied by the venue and they are located in the main hall. To report an accident please call 0161 834 2700 ext. 2211. All ambulances must be requested through Control.


Clients and contractors have a duty to exercise proper controls over the release of noxious fumes and if necessary, carry out a COSHH assessment. Please be aware of fumes from paint and spraying equipment. Engines of vehicles in the halls must not be left on idle. Where this is unavoidable i.e. for cranes, the lifting supervisor is responsible for ensuring the combustion fumes to do not build up in the halls, service tunnels and basements as a result.

Hanging Wires

Hanging wires are not to be left hanging below head height and must be marked with tape.

Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances are not to be brought into the halls unless essential. The use of hazardous substances must be subject to a COSHH assessment. Clients and exhibitors must declare the use or display of hazardous substances as a special risk.

Lifting/Fork lifting

All lifting and fork lifting must be done by the appointed contractor (Creative Freight) and comply with The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Manual Handling

As far as reasonably possible, you should avoid the need to undertake manual handling operations which involve a risk of injury and appropriate steps are taking following a risk assessment to reduce any chance of injury to the lowest level reasonably practicable.


Smoking is not permitted inside the halls in build up and breakdown or open periods other than in designated areas.

Special Effects e.g. Smoke, Lasers, Pyrotechnics, and Strobes

All special effects must be treated as special risks and are subject to strict controls in accordance with a risk assessment and the appropriate legal requirements. For further information contact the Organisers.

Work Equipment and Tools

Clients, exhibitors and contractors have duties under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations to ensure that all tools are fit for purpose and safe to use.

All dangerous moving parts such as circular saws must be guarded with controls to prevent unauthorised use. The use of battery-powered tools is strongly encouraged to reduce trailing cables and risk of electrical hazards. Power tools are to take power from the 110v centre tapped earths provided and not from cleaner’s sockets which are 240v. Those using mains powered tools must ensure that cables are not trailed across aisles. All portable electrical equipment must be subject to a suitable portable equipment testing regime.


Contractors are not to discard sharp objects and to ensure that nails and screws are not left sticking out of waste wood and are either removed or hammered flat. Special waste which may comprise a hazard such as chemicals, fats and cooking oils must be safely disposed of.

Water Features

Water features which create mists and sprays such as fountains and spa baths create the risk of the spread of Legionella bacteria in air which causes Legionnaire’s disease. Any such feature is a special risk requiring a separate risk assessment detailing how the risk is controlled through water treatment and testing. Please contact the Organisers if you are intending to have a water feature on your stand.

Working at Heights

Working at height is to be in accordance with LOLER and the Working at Heights Regulations. As such, all working at heights is subject to risk assessment.

  • All rigging from the roof is to be carried out by the official rigging contractor.
  • All working platforms are to have a guard rail, mid rail and toe board. Tools are to be kept on lanyards so far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Static and mobile access working platforms must be fit for purpose (see working platforms).
  • Separate risk assessments are required for working on a live edge (before rails are in place).

In such cases fall arrest equipment must always be used.

  • Operatives working at height other than on a static working platform designed for that purpose (e.g. scaffold) must be clipped on.
  • Operatives working at height must have suitable head protection e.g. bump caps.
  • Ground access to areas in the vicinity must be controlled to prevent persons accidentally walking directly under high works. Ground workers in the vicinity must not work directly under high works and wear suitable head protection e.g. hard hats

Handling & Lifting of Exhibits

Delivery of Exhibits - Deadline 

The Organisers have appointed   as the sole official lifting and handling agents for Education Estates®, to be responsible for the movement of all exhibitor and stand materials, requiring a forklift, within the exhibition hall. Only the official freight forwarder is permitted to use a forklift within the hall and operate lifting equipment.  

Exhibitors wishing to send exhibits in advance to the exhibition should consign them to the official contractor  who is experienced in exhibition work and can provide a full handling and case storage service.

A full door-to-door service is available for exhibitors who wish to use this service. For more information and a quotation please contact the official contractor or complete the online form: 







Build-up and Breakdown Information 

A Site Induction Form will need to be completed by Friday 26 August 2022 in order to be able to come onsite: 


This form is for exhibitors only, if you have contracted a stand contractor they must complete a contractor induction, which will be sent out direct from Carol Maccines, Health & Safety Manager, and must be returned pre tenancy or upon arrival on site.

Build-up Access - Monday 17 October

The timings of build-up are as follows:

  • Space Only entry: 08:00 – 20:00
  • Shell Scheme & Stripped Back Shell stands may be dressed: 15:00 – 20:00

All stands must be complete at 20.00

Please note that Stripped Back Shell Stands are classed as Shell Scheme. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact directly.

Site safety form complete by Friday 26 August 2022

Access to Manchester Central and Loading / Unloading Procedure 

Access to the loading bay area at Manchester Central will be strictly controlled by traffic marshals. 

During build-up and breakdown, exhibitors and contractors must report to the security barrier at the rear of the Centre, accessed via the ramp off Albion Street, where a traffic marshal will direct you to the appropriate loading bay doors. 

The dimensions of the loading bay doors are 7.3 metres wide x 5.05 metres high.

All personnel onsite during build-up and breakdown must adhere to the health & safety regulations. You are required to wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), that is, yellow or orange hi-vis waistcoat or jacket, appropriate safety footwear and hard hats (where applicable) whilst in the exhibition hall. Please be aware that the wearing of hi-vis and appropriate safety footwear is a mandatory requirement, whilst wearing of hard hats will only be required in defined hard hat areas. Hi-vis can be purchased from the venue for £3.00.

The parking of vehicles in the loading area will not be permitted at any time except for loading and unloading during build-up and breakdown. During the build-up period, all vehicles must be removed after unloading.

Any exhibitor requiring the services of a forklift truck to deliver heavy exhibits to their stand should contact the official contractor Cameron Logistics.

Build-up details

During build-up and breakdown it will be necessary for all exhibitors and contractors to display a vehicle pass. This pass will be issued by traffic marshals on arrival at the security barrier.  Please ensure any passes are prominently displayed in the vehicle. To ensure that only permitted shell scheme exhibitors gain access at the allotted times, entrance into the loading bay will be controlled by traffic marshals.

The size of the loading area is limited, and it is not possible to permit access to all exhibitors at the same time – this is particularly relevant to the breakdown period. This may cause some delay during the first hour of breakdown. Should you experience delay, please be patient and co-operate with the traffic marshals who will do their best to clear exhibitors as quickly as possible.

In order to allow access to all parts of the exhibition hall, exhibitors are responsible for keeping aisles free from empty crates or boxes at all times during build-up. Floor Managers will walk the floor during build-up ensuring designated emergency aisles always remain clear.


The timings of breakdown are as follows:

  • Shell scheme: 16.30 - 17.00 
  • Space only: 17.00 - 20.00 

On the closing night (19 October 16:00), the exhibition hall will remain open until 20.00 for the removal of exhibits. Until 16.30 all exhibits must remain intact and stands fully manned and exhibitors will not be permitted to remove exhibit material until after the close of the exhibition. Security and Health & Safety personnel will ensure exhibitors adhere to this very important procedure. The electrical power supply to all stands will be switched off 30 minutes after breakdown commences in order to comply with Health & Safety regulations.

All shell scheme exhibitors with cars parked in adjacent car parks will be allowed to bring vehicles onto site from 16.30, space only exhibitors and contractors from 17.00.  On arrival vehicles will be positioned in a holding area until the exhibition hall is clear of visitors.  Once the hall is clear, vehicles will be moved to the loading doors on instruction from traffic marshals. Any vehicle arriving at the traffic barrier prior to the appropriate time will be refused entry and may be sent back to public car parks.

All exhibitors are advised that small, portable, and valuable items are most at risk after the exhibition closes each day, as well as during build-up and breakdown. Please do not leave valuable exhibit material unattended on your stand at any time during the exhibition and keep such items locked away each day before leaving the halls.

All personnel onsite during build-up and breakdown must adhere to the health & safety regulations. You are required to wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), that is, yellow or orange hi-vis waistcoat or jacket, appropriate safety footwear and hard hats (where applicable) whilst in the exhibition hall. 

If you have arranged storage with Cameron Logistics, empty crates will be returned for packing on 19 October soon after the close of the exhibition. Please make all necessary arrangements are agreed prior to the close of the exhibition to have your exhibits removed after they are packed.

Anything left after the end of the breakdown period may be removed and scrapped. The costs will be charged to the exhibitor.

All personnel onsite during build-up must watch the induction video. Watch the induction video here:


Password: HEALTHandSafety_999


Site Safety Induction Form deadline - Friday 26 August 2022 

Your Stand - booking details 

Shell Scheme Stands - Deadline 12 September   

If you have selected a shell scheme stand, the official shell scheme contractor for Education Estates® is Full Circle Ltd. This year, shell scheme stands will be Quad Frontage.  No alterations may be made to the shell scheme without prior discussion and approval of the Exhibition Office.

All shell scheme stands are provided with an electrical package containing one socket and one light.

All shell schemes will be carpeted

If you would like to add enhancements to your stand or have graphics created for you, Full Circle can assist with this. 

A booking link will follow directly from Full Circle from this email address:


Stand Space

It is your responsibility to examine, or cause to be examined, the site allotted to you in order to avoid costly adjustments to stand structures.

It is possible that obstructions may be present that cannot always be indicated on the plans of the exhibition. Any costs relating to modifications that need to be undertaken as a result of any such obstructions will be at the exhibitors’ expense. In the instance of any discrepancy in the site allotted, exhibitors are required to notify the Organisers immediately before the opening of the exhibition.

The Organisers will not accept liability in the instance of failure to notify discrepancies before the opening of the exhibition.


Nameboards - Deadline 12 September   

Stand nameboards displaying the company name and stand number are provided on all shell scheme stands. Full Circle, our official stand contractor will request your details for the Nameboard. This will be done through their portal. Please adhere to the deadlines given. If a nameboard form is not completed, it will display the company name as it appears on your contract. Please note that these details may not correspond to those submitted for your catalogue entry. A charge may apply if nameboards are changed on arrival at Manchester Central.

A booking link will follow directly from Full Circle from this email address:


Carpet - Deadline 12 September      

All shell scheme stands will be carpeted. The carpet style is Evo Rib in the colour of Anthracite. It is possible to change the colour of the carpet on all stands for an additional fee.

If this is required, exhibitors must contact the official shell scheme contractor, Full Circle Ltd. The costs will be borne by the exhibitor.

Carpet colour options: VIEW HERE

A booking link will follow directly from Full Circle from this email address:


Height Restrictions

All interior fittings for shell scheme must be contained within the shell stand structure and must not exceed 2.4 meters in height.


Electrical Services - Deadline 12 September   

All shell scheme stands are provided with an electrical package containing one socket and one light. 

Exhibitors and contractors must comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations, the IEE Wiring Regulations, the EVA Electrical Regulations and the venue’s electrical regulations.  All work must be carried out by competent and qualified electricians and all temporary installations must be protected by an RCD and inspected before power is supplied to the stand. For further information refer to the ‘Health & Safety’ section of the manual.

There should be sufficient, correctly installed and rated power sockets to preclude the use of extension leads and long trailing flexes. If essential, extension leads must be correctly fused and limited to one per socket. Multi-sockets must not be used. All electrical trunking must be clearly marked with white or striped tape and may not be closer than 1 metre from any entry / exit steps to / from any exhibits.

The electrical power supply to all stands will be turned off 30 minutes after the close of the exhibition on 18 & 19 October.

Full Circle Ltd can provide any additional electrics that you require.  A booking link will follow soon.

Electrical Services – Full Circle

Contact: Exhibitor service team

Telephone: 0161 393 3949


A booking link will follow directly from Full Circle from this email address:


Furniture on your Stand - Deadline 15 September

A wide selection of stand furniture is available to hire from the appointed contractor Creative Hire. Order early to avoid disappointment.

View the Brochure here:

All furniture can be ordered online:

Creative Hire:

Contact: Exhibitor service team

Telephone: 01676 542616



Catering on your Stand - Deadline 22 September      

Manchester Central Hospitality has the sole rights to all food and beverage consumed on the Manchester Central site and all food and beverages, and associated catering equipment, must therefore be ordered through them.

Should a sponsor or exhibitor wish to distribute items as samples greater than the regulation size should inform the Company prior to the event and they will be liable to pay a facility fee. Any stands who wish to supply alcohol (except that provided by the Venue), must provide the name of a Personal License holder, together with a copy of their license to the Company. 

The acceptable sampling sizes for drinks as defined by the Venue are as follows:

• Soft and Hot Drinks - 50ml

• Beers/Ciders or similar - 50ml

• Wine/Fortified wines/Champagne/Alcopops and similar - 25ml 

• Spirits and similar - 5ml.

The acceptable sampling sizes for food samples are as follows:

• Bite-sized portions

• Individually wrapped items.

It is possible for exhibitors to provide their own catering for the event. However, a facility fee of £250 per day is payable to the venue. The venue also requires a signed agreement from the exhibitor. This can be obtained from the ORGANISERS office prior to the event.

Orders and cleared payment must be received two weeks prior to the start date of the event to guarantee that all orders are available and in stock. No accounts are sent out after the event for invoice payment.

To access the online ordering platform:

Follow the link:

Once you have completed your information you will be taken to a page listing a number of our upcoming events. Please select Education Estates® from the list. You will then be asked to enter your stand number.

Once you have signed up to the site, you will then be able to log in with your email address and chosen password to access your account.

Manchester Central Hospitality

Contact: Mark Collins

Telephone: 0161 834 2700



AV for your Stand - Deadline 12 September      

If you require adding AV to your stand at any stage then please contact Sterling Event Group. 

BOOKING FORM - please email to: 

Sterling Event Group Ltd

Contact: Nikki Urquhart

Tel: 07752 319 779




The organiser has arranged for stands to be cleaned prior to the opening of the exhibition and on each open day there will be a general cleaning of the exhibition halls and stands.

Any items left within the aisles after build-up and the close of the first day will be removed and disposed of. Please ensure that all required exhibits are therefore kept on your stand.

Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for the removal of items not intended for display purposes and for rubbish resulting from unpacking exhibits, such as carton boxes and crates from their stand. All non-display items must be cleared from the halls before the exhibition opens.        

No rubbish is to be left by exhibitors on breakdown of the event. Any items left may incur a charge and this will subsequently be passed on.

Stand Fitting Regulations

Full Circle has been appointed as the official contractor for shell scheme stands. However, exhibitors may employ a contractor of their choice to construct stand interiors and any free-standing displays that may be required.

The contractor must be approved by Manchester Central and conform to the following regulations that must be observed when preparing a stand:

  • Contractors must ensure that they can provide on-site, the appropriate certificate/s confirming that all the materials used in the construction of their stand have been adequately treated for fire retardancy.
  • No part of any structure or exhibit may extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated. This includes the exhibitor’s name, logo, or light fittings.
  • Blimps, flags, and banners above the stand are prohibited.
  • No fitting display or self-adhesive stickers/signs may be attached to or suspended from the ceiling or any part of the exhibition hall, nor may holes be nailed, screwed, drilled or punched into the walls or floor. If this is ignored, the exhibitor/contractor concerned will be charged for the damage caused.
  • The only floor tapes approved for use at Manchester Central are Stikatak B7 or Sellotape Double Grip 4415 exhibition tape. Contractors must ensure that it is lifted before they leave the hall at the end of the show. Any contractors who leave the tape on the floor after the event will be subject to a dilapidation charge.
  • Displays must be self-supporting.
  • Exhibitors wishing to construct a false ceiling on their stand must submit drawings to the Organisers for approval by the Fire & Safety Authority. Ceilings can only be constructed of a large mesh or egg box material that will permit the passage of water in the event of a fire. They may also require inspection by a structural engineer, in such cases the cost will be borne to the exhibitor.
  • In the case of an island site, a long stretch of full height wall of 2.5m height will not be allowed on the perimeter of the stand. In some cases, a 50% wall can be built to an open side, with permission from the organisers.
  • No flashing/winking lights or neon signs will be permitted unless it forms an integral part of an exhibitor’s product. Sequence-lit displays may be used subject to the Organisers’ approval and the rate of light change.
  • For safety and insurance reasons, only the official electrical contractor can carry out electrical wiring and connections.
  • No services such as electricity cables, water/compressed air pipes, telephone lines inside or near to the stand may be removed, cut, or diverted without the permission of the Organisers and venue.
  • All contractors are expected to clean the stands and remove all construction debris before the official cleaning contractor takes responsibility of the hall.
  • Storage of stand materials and/or exhibits is not permitted behind the perimeter of the stands. This is a Fire & Safety Regulation and will be strictly enforced. Stands incorporating a store within their allocation of space must ensure that all doors contain a vision panel within this provision. Under Venue Fire Regulations this must be made of clear glazing.
  • Welding is not permitted inside the halls.
  • Exhibitors constructing/decorating their stands are required to sign an undertaking, guaranteeing responsibility for any damage which may be caused by any of their employees, including appointed sub-contractors, to exhibits and/or property of other exhibitors, Organisers, Hall Manager, Landlord and Contractors of any other person(s).

Specific to Shell Scheme Stands

  • No additional stand fittings may be attached to the shell scheme structure. No nailing or drilling will be allowed. If you require assistance in hanging or displaying your exhibits, please consult the official stand-fitting contractor.
  • No painting or wallpapering on the shell scheme panels is allowed. Exhibitors who wish to have the panels painted must inform the official stand fitting contractor who will provide a quotation on request.
  • Any change in colour or type of fascia and floor covering must be carried out by the official stand fitting contractor, after approval from the Organiser. The cost involved must be borne by the exhibitor.
  • No financial credit will be given for any shell scheme package item not utilized.
  • Shell scheme open sides must remain open. In some cases, a 50% wall can be installed at the cost of the exhibitor, please contact the organisers office to discuss your requirements.
  • ALL shell scheme exhibitor must complete and risk assessment, induction, and Health & Safety declaration. Forms are enclosed in sections of this web page. 

Space-Only Stands

Space Only plans must be submitted by Friday 2 September 2022

A space only site is an area marked out to the correct dimensions. These dimensions must not be exceeded. No stand fitting, carpet or electrics is provided for space only sites. Exhibitors are responsible for their own stand design and construction. It is possible to offer advice and guidance on the preparation of your display at the exhibition. If you would like assistance, please contact Step Connect2 Ltd.

If you are considering erecting a modular stand on your space only site, please note that you are responsible for constructing and decorating the side and back walls facing onto your site to a height of 2.5 metres. The minimum height for dividing walls is 2.5 metres. Stand construction height without written permission is limited to 3.5 metres for space only sites. It is possible to exceed this height but only with written permission from the Organisers.

Walls above 2.5 metres must be clad and decorated on both sides from 2.5 metres upwards by the exhibitor. Such walls overlooking adjoining stands must also be finished to a high standard in plain colours only. Company logos or other corporate messages facing away from the exhibit will not be permitted should they directly overlook adjacent exhibitors.

You are advised that delegates and visitors to the exhibition during Education Estates will find it easier to locate your stand if you display your stand number on every open side of your stand. If your space only stand design contains any of the following, it is classified as a complex structure and will require input and the appropriate inspection certificate from a certified structural engineer, the costs of which will be borne by the exhibitor:

  • Any structural part of a stand which exceeds 4 metres in height. This includes exhibits only if the exhibit is supported by the structure of the stand. Freestanding exhibits are not included.
  • Sound/lighting towers exceeding 4 metres in height.
  • Any structure under 4 metres in height that uses or has any attachment to overhead truss/tri-light structure.
  • Any stage structure over 600mm in height.
  • Suspended items over 400kg.

For further advice and guidance on complex structures, please contact the organisers.

All space only sites must submit the following documentation for approval to build by the organisers and the venue:

  • Scaled drawings (x2) of the stand design proposal
  • A suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment specific to the build and dismantling of the stand design
  • A suitable and sufficient Method Statement of the processes involved with building and dismantling.
  • A copy of appointed stand builder’s Public Liability Insurance.

The above documentation must be submitted no later than 3rd September to & 

Space only exhibitors must provide an on-site contact name and telephone number for their chosen stand contractor during the build-up and breakdown periods. Please email this information to no later than 2nd September.

Health and Safety information regarding Space Only stands can be found detailed on this page. 

Deadline Friday 2 September 2022

Water, Waste Drainage & Compressed Air 

Water & Waste

Water and waste drainage is available within the exhibition hall. Exhibitors requiring this service should contact Manchester Central in order to order this facility. 

Exhibitors are advised to state what day and time they require installation during build-up when placing their order. Any orders received after the deadline date may be subject to a surcharge.

Book using the following link:


Compressed Air

Compressed air is available within the exhibition hall. Exhibitors requiring this service should contact Manchester Central Convention Complex. Exhibitors are advised to state what day and time they require installation during build-up when placing their order. Any orders received after the deadline date maybe subject to a surcharge.

Book using the following link:

WI-FI onsite 

WI-FI onsite

Manchester Central is a fully Wi-Fi enabled venue.  Wireless connections up to 5MB are free of charge – this would be suitable for activities such as checking emails on a mobile or tablet device but may not provide reliable access to a website. 

Exhibitors requiring a hardwired internet connection on their stand should complete the Internet Order Form,

Manchester Central Computer Services

Telephone:  0161 827 7676


Deadline 12 September

Shipping & Storage Partner

For all stand material deliveries and collections, we strongly advise that you do not send anything to the venue direct. Our appointed contractor is Cameron Event Logistics, who will manage all on site deliveries and collections.

All shipments can be sent to Cameron Event Logistics local warehouse, up to 5 days before 1st show day, where they will be safely stored. At appointed date Cameron Event Logistics will arrange delivery to the venue and placed directly onto your stand.

Attention International Exhibitors NON-UK EXHIBITORS

If your material requires customs clearance, DO NOT send directly to the venue as delays will incur due to your material being seized or held by UK Customs authorities.

Contact Cameron Event Logistics Ltd, they can supply a UK registered EORI number. / Tel +44 1355 238 559

All Forklift requirements must be booked in advance and will be managed by Cameron Event Logistics.

Stand clearance, empty case storage and courier receiving services are also available upon request.


Cameron Logistics

Contact: Joanna

Telephone: 0121 780 2627


Deadline 21 September



The cloakroom is situated in the main registration area outside the exhibition hall and is open for the duration of Education Estates®. There is no charge to leave items in the cloakroom. 


An official photographer has been appointed to Education Estates®. The official photographer can be commissioned by exhibitors for PR events and stand photographs. A form is contained towards the back of this manual. Prices are clearly shown for the range of services offered.

For security reasons, no other photographer will be permitted to work at Education Estates® or within the exhibition without written permission from the Organisers’ Office.

If you wish to order additional photography needs, please complete the order form and contact Post Photographic directly: 


Post Photographic Ltd

Contact: David Weston

Telephone: 01299 269737



Deadline 23 September 2022


Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment with the premises being patrolled day and night, please be aware that Manchester Central is a public venue. Responsibility cannot be accepted for any injury, loss or damage or any consequential loss whatsoever which may befall your personnel and their property.

Valuables, particularly of a portable nature, must not be left unattended on your stand. This is especially relevant during build-up and breakdown. Please refer to comments about security in the Breakdown section.

Please ensure that any incident involving the loss of property is reported to the Organisers’ Office. Failure to do so could result in insurance companies refusing to meet claims. If you require any advice on the subject of security please contact the Organisers’ Office. It is acceptable for exhibitors to employ security personnel if required. A contact can be provided for the provision of security services.

To assist with security, all personnel in the exhibition halls must wear identification badges at all times. Exhibitor and contractor passes can be collected onsite.

For security and safety reasons, exhibit movement in or out of the exhibition halls is not permitted during exhibition opening hours. Security guards maintain a twenty four-hour security surveillance team for Manchester Central and will patrol the exhibition-site in general, but their duties will not include specific attention to individual stands.

Public Liability Insurance 

You are also responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties. In addition to this you should protect your outlay against Abandonment and Cancellation or Curtailment of Education Estates® due to reasons beyond the control of Step Connect2 Ltd. All exhibitors are required to have adequate Public Liability Insurance to approximately the following amounts:

  • £2m for exhibitors
  • £5m or £10m for stand contractors of small stands or contractors who are building within shell scheme.
  • £10m for contractors build space only stands

Whilst every precaution is taken to protect your property during Education Estates®, responsibility cannot be accepted for any loss or damage that befalls the personnel or property of any exhibitor howsoever caused. Exhibitors are reminded of their responsibility to carry adequate insurance both before and during the event.

Please send a copy of your companies Public Liability Insurance Document to

Deadline 24 August 2022

Your Data

The organisers, Step Connect2 as the data controller are committed to protecting your privacy and endeavor to collect, process and share your data in accordance with the latest regulations that apply. We do not buy or sell data. Read our full Privacy Policy here:

If you have questions or concerns about your customer information, please contact us either by email or telephone 01892 351626.

 Useful Contacts List

Accommodation – Event Express

Telephone: 01905 732737



Audio Visual – Sterling Event Group Ltd

Contact:  Nikki Urquhart

Telephone: 0161 436 4444 Ext: 220



Badge Scanners – Jonas Event Technology

Contact: Laura Burchell

Telephone:  01865 893567



Carpet – Full Circle

Contact: Exhibitor service team

Telephone: 0161 393 3949



Piped Services (Air, water & waste)

Contact: Manchester Central 

Telephone:  0161 834 2700


Delivery, Handling, Lifting & Storage - Cameron Logistics 

Contact: Joanna Galloway

Telephone: 0121 780 2627



Electrical Services – Full Circle

Contact: Exhibitor Service Team

Telephone: 0161 393 3949



Furniture – Creative Hire

Contact: Exhibitor service team

Telephone: 01676 542616


Internet Connection - Manchester Central Computer Services

Telephone:  0161 827 7676



Photography - Post Photographic

Contact:  David Weston

Telephone:  01299 269737




Risk Assessment/Health & Safety - Onsite Exhibitions 

Contact: Carol Maccines 

Telephone: 01892 351626



Shell Scheme Extras – Full Circle

Contact: Exhibitor service team

Telephone: 0161 393 3949



Stand Catering - Manchester Central Hospitality

Contact:  Mark Collins

Telephone:  0161 834 2700



Nameboard (Fascia) - Shell Scheme Only - Full Circle

Contact: Exhibitor service team

Telephone: 0161 393 3949



Space Only Plans – Step Connect2 Ltd

Contact: Jenny Porter

Telephone: 01892 351626



Venue - Manchester Central Convention Complex

Address: Petersfield, Manchester, M2 3GX

Telephone:  0161 834 2700


Advertising in the Exhibition Guide & Exhibitor+ 

The organisers, Step Connect2 Ltd will produce the official exhibition guide. The exhibition guide will be issued to all delegates and exhibition visitors attending Education Estates® and will be a comprehensive map and plan of the event and also a valuable document that will be used for reference after the event.

Available for up to 3 companies - 2 currently available 

  • A5 landscape advert.
  • Logo included on your exhibitor profile online and on the Exhibition guide
  • Enhanced Exhibitor listing on
  • Unlimited On-Demand Videos, Press Releases, Product Brochures, and Case Studies added to your exhibitor profile
  • 1x Interchangeable 2 Day Delegate Pass to Education Estates® 2022 (so you may share the pass with colleagues and tag team in and out of the conference)
  • Company listing and enhanced presence on the Event App
  • Logo on the large floorplan at registration at Education Estates® 2022

Package Price: £1,250 + VAT

In addition to advertising within the catalogue, it is also possible for exhibitors to enhance their exhibitor profile using their company logo as part of the Exhibitor+ Package. Logos can be included in colour and are an ideal way to raise your company’s profile. The cost is £300 + VAT.

The Exhibitor+ Package offers a whole host added benefits - such as:

  • two-day interchangeable delegate pass
  • logo in the Event Catalogue alongside your exhibitor profile
  • logo on your stand on the large floorplan at registration
  • logo alongside your exhibitor listing on the website.

Please contact Rebecca if you would like to discuss adding an additional marketing package to your existing booking.

Step Connect2 Ltd

Contact: Rebecca Stratten

Telephone: 01892 351626




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