23 Aug 2022

Ecostat2 - Local Control for heating


Ecostat2 ensures energy within student accommodation is not wasted. If rooms are left unoccupied or windows and doors are left open the heat input is reduced. The system maintains a comfortable temperature. If the occupant wants a warmer room they simply press the button and the temperature wil rise to a set limit for a pre-set period.

Energy Managers simply programme each control unit with a dedicated infrared handset. Setting dictate maximum and minimum temperatures for Boost, Setback and Frost modes and the time each of these will run for.

There are 5 models in the range from no user control for communal areas, corridors and stairwells to the PIR variable user control model that provides occupants with incremental control over their environment and a PIR that senses when a room is unoccupied.

Irus is controlling more than 100,000 rooms across the UKs student accommodation estate and typical savings are between 20% and 30%.