16 Aug 2022

Haystax - Client Testimonial

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Client Testimonial 

Lorna and Ian are an environmentally conscious couple who run the family farm and are the driving force behind the Haystax farm diversification project.

With over 40 years of farming, they are now embarking on a whole new adventure to help the farm live on for generations to come.

Their vision is to create a peaceful retreat for the whole family where individuals with additional and special needs are welcome and understood so that the whole family can relax and enjoy some quality time together.

The Qube designed and built the large café, toilets, changing places facility and additional breakout space for this project.

The whole site, including farm animal walk arounds and forest walks are not quite complete, but we are very proud to say we were a part of this great project and hope the local community enjoy their new experiences in our Modular building for many years.

This is a great example of what we offer as a bespoke solution to match a clients exact needs. We cater for the Education industry, luxury leisure, sports industry, commercial & residential.