23 Aug 2022

Irus - Energy Management System


Irus ensures energy within student accommodation is not wasted. If rooms are left unoccupied or windows and doors are left open the heat input is reduced. The system maintains a comfortable temperature. If the occupant wants a warmer room they simply press the button and the temperature wil rise to a set limit for a pre-set period.

Irus also monitors environmental conditions such as humidity, light and sound pressure. A CO2 module is also available. Water heating, leak detection and kitchen safety are also within the scope of Irus.

Energy Managers simply log on to the Irus Portal and from there they are able to manage, monitor and measure energy use, without ever having to set foot in a room.

Irus is controlling more than 40,000 rooms across the UKs student accommodation estate and typical savings are between 30% and 40%.