Twinview integrates with GPE's The Hickman, London

Twinview Stand: 622

GPE acquired The Hickman in 2019 and completed redevelopment in September 2020. Historically, the building was home to Buck & Hickman; a saw and tool makers.Buck & Hickman significantly redeveloped the micro-area, up to the famous Whitechapel Bell Foundry (best known for crafting the Big Ben and the Liberty Bell) down to the corner of Whitechapel Road. The legacy of the site lives on and the former tool workshop is transformed for a new generation of thinkers, number crunchers and creatives. Great Portland Estates’ goal is to make The Hickman one of London’s smartest buildings. Specifically, GPE wanted to set a new benchmark in occupier experience while minimising operational costs and optimising energy use. Through the collection of data, GPE wanted to learn how to implement further changes in their wider portfolio, bringing the entire organisation closer to Net Zero. GPE aims to align closely with their occupier brands to match, if not improve, on their expectations around lowering carbon emissions. What is Twinview? Twinview is a browser-based digital solution for moving the property sector closer to Net Zero. By connecting existing building systems data together where you can view all your property data on a single dashboard, Twinview begins to optimise building energy performance, reduce costs and carbon, and even improves user experience and business outcomes. Working alongside Great Portland Estates, we have produced an intelligent digital twin. A "digital golden thread" runs through the heart of Twinview – providing a history of all maintenance decisions or changes to the building. Additionally, The Hickman's owners and managers, Great Portland Estates, can view a variety of data sources on a single dashboard for a unified source of truth and responsibility from all the integrated building systems, including but not limited to occupancy, temperature, air quality, light and energy consumption. “The process with integrating The Hickman with Twinview technology was straight forward. Naturally, GPE was provided with all the architectural drawings and files upon completion of the project. We took those files which generally need expensive and powerful machines to use and loaded them into our Twinview infrastructure allowing them to be used from any web browser. We linked all the building’s assets, granting GPE to access, manage and monitor any asset that is linked to IoT remotely. Recently we fitted over 1000 QR codes and Bluetooth beacons to each of the buildings assets so that when entering a room, you can quickly identify which assets are near that space” said Ben Malone, Implementation Director of Twinview. Results James Pellatt, Director of Workplace and Innovation at Great Portland Estates shared “for us, the exciting thing about the [Twinview] digital twin is to really understand how a building is used and how to predict energy – not just in this building (The Hickman) but for others in the pipeline. The more we learn, the more we measure is the more we can improve and we’re always looking to improve. Since integrating with Twinview, we have seen some initial benefits. By just allowing engineers to understand the building before they arrive, they are able to look around (using Twinview), and understand what is there, and that’s really important – it’s underestimated. We have some really strong ambitions of achieving Net Zero in some of the other buildings in our pipeline and what we learn at The Hickman will help us there. The relationship we have with Twinview is extremely important to us – it is how we like collaborate and how we like to innovate. By listening to people who challenge us, but also respond to challenges is really key to us in onboarding and integrating technology. It is a strategy we use throughout the portfolio.” The integration of Twinview has contributed to The Hickman being awarded Platinum by SmartScore. Providing a global standard, SmartScore identifies best in class smart buildings that deliver an exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully future-proof. Twinview has already begun to identify opportunity across its client’s buildings resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, a reduction in operational costs and an improvement to occupier experience and efficiency. Request a brochure now to find out how you can move your commercial building closer to Net Zero.