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Company Profile

Demand for terraces, balconies and podiums has never been greater, but with the thickness limitation of traditional insulation boards there is a difficulty for a designer to insulate above a habitable space. This, together with the desire to maximise the glass façade and cater for a level threshold has created a near impossible task.
ProTherm Quantum insulation has been developed to offer a significant reduction in height without the loss of thermal performance, facilitating architects creating more elegance in the design of their external floor space.
Where is it best used?
On podiums, terraces, balconies and roofs where there is a requirement for thermal performance and any insulated area and where depth is critical to overall construction.
What can it help deliver?
 Building Regulation Part L compliance: exceptional performance
 Building Regulation Part M compliance: level threshold to external balcony
 NHBC Chapter 7.1 compliance: 75mm threshold clearance

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