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Daylight and ventilation are key components of optimal learning spaces. The influential Clever Classrooms study (2015) found that they account for the same variation in primary school children’s learning rates as the teachers themselves.

VELUX Company Ltd is known worldwide for creating positive spaces with its roof windows – supplying natural light and fresh air to improve and regulate the indoor climate. Its VELUX Modular Skylights range applies this at scale – providing innovative, modular and sustainable solutions for roof lighting in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Designed with architects, Foster + Partners, Velux Modular Skylights can be combined in many configurations in a variety of building types. They have strong sustainability credentials, exceptional energy performance, and a long life expectancy. Fully prefabricated, they save time and resource on-site, meaning construction is completed quicker and more cost-effectively. For more information, go to

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