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In 2022, Noviun Architects celebrated our 25th year in practice. Our specialisms across the range of building types and sectors, and our experience and lessons learned from the construction stages and buildings in use, all inform our design process. We believe in collaboration, where clients, contractors and consultants all play an integral role in the success of the design and creating end user centric environments. With over 400 completed school projects, Noviun are considered one of the most experienced educational architects in the country.  As a practice we pride ourselves on our commitment to continuing the learning process throughout each of our projects.

Noviun Architects are signatories of the LETI (London Energy Transformation Initiative), which believes that by 2030 all new building will need to operate at net zero carbon (annual net zero carbon emissions), meaning that by 2025 100% of all new building must be net zero. We see the climate crisis as the most important initiative within our industry to date and are striving to achieve these goals set to help change the future for many generations. We also have Passivhaus designers within the team.





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