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For over 20 years, we’ve worked passionately to transform school walls, halls, windows, floors and more for thousands of schools, colleges and universities in the UK, Europe and beyond.

We’ve given countless makeovers to dull corridors, created timelines that have traversed the entire length and breadth of school corridors. And continuously delighted pupils, teachers and parents through the power of our stunning, bespoke Wall Art for schools and universities.


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  • School Values walls

    03 Sep 2022
    Share your vision, motto and guiding principles for pupils with Values wraps by Promote Your School.
  • Inspire every child to explore the magic of reading with library and literacy Wall Art by Promote Your School.
  • Teaching Rooms

    06 Oct 2020
    Teaching Rooms can cover a myriad of different purposes, from lecture halls and classrooms to computer labs and breakout spaces. Some schools even rent out their Teaching Rooms to make extra income! W ...
  • Timelines

    06 Oct 2020
    Imagine if your school’s walls could tell the story of how humankind has progressed through the ages. Or, express the evolution of your school from inception to its current form today. Picture showing ...
  • Corridor Wraps

    06 Oct 2020
    A school Corridor Wrap is a bespoke school Wall Art installation that can cover any theme or subject you choose. We use the best quality, durable materials and take pride in creating inspiring school ...
  • 5 ways to enhance your school library

    03 Sep 2022 Promote Your School
    You don’t need to invest your entire year’s school improvement budget in your new library. In fact, a few simple changes can make a big difference!
  • School Summer holidays 2021 - Wall Art

    29 Sep 2021 Promote Your School
    How were your school holidays 2021? We were busy installing a record number of Wall Art projects, which we designed bespoke for schools across the UK. 
  • Wall Art Explainer Video

    06 Oct 2020 Promote Your School
    Welcome to a World of Wonder! At Promote Your School, we design bespoke school Wall Art for schools, colleges and Universities throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • 7 types of Wall Art for Schools

    03 Sep 2022 Prromote Your School
    Here are 7 types of Wall Art most commonly requested by schools.
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