Space Zero

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Space Zero

Space Zero are specialists in the design of learning environments.

We have designed more than 600 education projects worldwide. We employ 40 specialist designers, and the team have specified over 10M items of FF&E during our 10 years of experience. 


The Zenith Building
26 Spring Gardens
United Kingdom

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  • Innovation Projects 2020

    12 Oct 2020 Space Zero
    Space Zero, specialists in the design of learning environments, think from the inside out. By taking interior design beyond simply decoration and function, we deliver optimal human environments.  
  • We understand that whilst private schools are primarily an educational experience they are also a brand experience.   
  • An activity based learning space

    12 Oct 2020 Space Zero
    The “adult working environment”, has changed dramatically over the last decade, couldn’t we create classrooms that also provide these tools to students and reflect the workplace?
  • A classroom for Independent learning

    12 Oct 2020 Space Zero
    A classroom co-designed with Wellington College China to understand the contribution the design of space could have towards independent learning.
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