Free-to-Attend Workshops

These free to attend workshops are available on a first come first served basis and are free for all attendees at Education Estates to attend.  Please take your seat a few minutes before the workshop begins.

The workshop moderator will set the scene on a topic and seek participants’ opinions.  The moderator will summarise the workshop findings at the end of the session.

To attend these workshops all you need to do is register your free visitor place by CLICKING HERE or using the link below.

Free-to-Attend for All: Keynotes, Workshops, Buildings Performance & Energy Efficiency Stage and Architecture & Interiors Stage

Day 1: Compliance Workshops

14:00 – 15:00 Sampling with Software

Have you considered why you take Legionella samples, where to sample and what to do with the results? With over 26 years of experience, ProEconomy have developed Tetras, a cloud based water management software system. Tetras is revolutionising the way samples are collected, tracked and analysed to ensure water issues are detected and therefore treated, before contamination occurs. With competent, certified water samplers, the usage of a UKAS approved laboratory and a client relations team headed up by Dr Birgitta Bedford, ProEconomy’s reputation and Royal Warrant for Water Treatment services offer clients peace of mind, compliance and easy to use software.

Byron Bedford, Managing Director, ProEconomy

Day 1: Good Estate Management  & FM Workshops

11:30 – 12:30 Premises Management

You could argue that the reason the school estate is in poor condition is because of the lack of maintenance leading to deteriorating buildings and assets. Using the DfE’s Good Estates Management for Schools documentation, we will discuss how you can identify and manage routine maintenance and how you can use your condition survey data in building a maintenance programme to avoid large, urgent and costly interventions.

Adam Watson, Director, We Are Every

14:00 – 15:00 How to Create Smart Sustainable Campuses for Smart People

Colleges and universities are focused on preparing future leaders. The need to continuously modernise the campus environment is important to attracting top students and staff. However, higher education institutions face complex challenges, which are driving changes in facilities management. Shifting student demographics combined with aging buildings and systems, ineffective energy usage, and decreasing budgets means that facilities managers at Higher Education campuses now need a smarter and more strategic approach.

In this workshop we will be learning how your university campus can benefit from connectivity and integration of multiple systems to enable you to use the latest IoT technologies to create a sustainable, smart and optimal learning environment while reducing costs and driving new efficiencies.

David Evans, Education Segment Director, Schneider Electric UKI

Day 2: Compliance Workshops

12:00 – 13:00 Acoustics and The Equality Act

People with hearing loss and other hearing difficulties have a diverse listening experience and can face barriers in mainstream learning environments. In this seminar we will share experience in making learning organisations more accessible for people with this protected characteristic. The workshop will cover topics including improving the acoustic environment, deaf awareness training for staff, provision of assistive communication systems and the use of accreditation schemes to help organisations ensure that they are compliant with the Equality Act and promote a more equal and inclusive society.

Emma Greenland, Principal Consultant and Head of Education Sector, Anderson Acoustics

Day 2: Good Estate Management  & FM Workshops

12:00 – 13:00 What’s holding back offsite construction as a solution in the education sector?

Has offsite construction a long way to go before it becomes the first choice for many in the education sector? Maybe something is holding you back from choosing it over a traditional build and considering it for that next big school project. In this session we want to listen to the concerns and frustrations you may have about offsite as well as change the lingering perceptions about this method of construction. In this informal troubleshooting session, we want to dispel the myths and help you walk away with the answers to those estate puzzles you have.

Mark Graham, Business Development Director, Premier Modular