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Energy Efficiency Initiatives - Pathways & Lessons Learnt

16 May 2024
Sheikh Zayed Theatre

Delivering green technology at scale and pace – Case studies from school trusts
Tom Deacon & Matt Isherwood, Barker

Experts from leading education property consultancy, Barker, will share invaluable insights alongside compelling case studies from school trusts that have successfully implemented large-scale programs of energy efficiency projects including Solar PV, LED lighting and heating controls optimisation. Key Topics include:

1. Funding Models
Explore the various funding models that have enabled school trusts to embark on ambitious energy efficiency projects. Barker, as a prominent education property consultant, will shed light on innovative financial strategies that facilitate the implementation of green technology initiatives within the education sector. Discover how these funding models not only support the initial investment but also ensure sustainability over the long term.

2. Technical and Logistical Implications
Dive into the technical and logistical challenges faced by school trusts during the execution of large-scale energy efficiency projects. Our speakers will share practical experiences and lessons learned, addressing critical aspects such as technology selection, infrastructure upgrades, and the integration of green solutions into existing school facilities. Gain valuable insights into overcoming hurdles and streamlining processes for a seamless transition to greener, more sustainable operations.

3. Project Outcomes Review
No session is complete without a comprehensive review of project outcomes. Hear first hand accounts from school trusts that have implemented these green technology initiatives, exploring the tangible benefits and impact on both the environment and the institutions themselves. From energy savings and reduced carbon footprints to enhanced learning environments, discover the positive outcomes that can be achieved through strategic investments in sustainable practices.

Prepare to be inspired by real-world examples and expert guidance as we delve into the transformative journey of delivering green technology at scale and pace in the education sector. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from successful case studies and shape the future of sustainable practices within school trusts.

Department for Education Energy Pods
Helen Groves, AtkinsRéalis & Ian Keeling, Cundall

As a national imperative there is a drive to reduce carbon emissions to meet the UKs carbon budgets. Using the Government’s thought leadership in Modern Methods of Construction the ‘Energy Pod’ project seeks to explore the opportunity to set out a standard design for low carbon modular off site produced plant rooms to act as a plug and play technology to decarbonise operational buildings and sites.

The Energy Pod Research and Innovation Project takes on a whole system approach to decarbonisation. It is not, however, intended to address all elements from day one by itself. It is recognised that very few schools will be in a position to transfer immediately to an all-electric solution (such as Heat Pumps), due to the cost of the fabric improvements that are required to make such systems viable.

The premise of the Energy Pods solution is to put in place a planned routemap for the initial installation of the Pods, but also the longer term interventions to fully decarbonise a site.

The project team has developed the designs to prove the viability as a platform system, and has also put together a Design Guide for engaging Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts with the Energy Pods pathway. This presentation will detail the current designs, as well as the proposed routes to get involved.


Gemma Taylor, Associate Director, Sustainability - Education Sector Lead - Mace
Tom Deacon, Partner - Barker
Matt Isherwood, Associate - Barker & Associates
Helen Groves, Architect Director - Education Sector Lead - AtkinsRéalis
Ian Keeling, Partner - Cundall



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