How to achieve Net Zero with Existing Estates

20 Apr 2023
Alumni Theatre

Delivering Cost, Energy & Carbon Savings In A Multi Academy Trust – Mark Dolling & Mike Sewell, Plan Zero Director, Mitie Energy

All organisations need to achieve Net Zero by 2050. To achieve this target dates and plans need to be set for Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emission reductions. This can appear a daunting plan in a multi school estate where the demands on capital are high and there is a great inconsistency across the quality and type of the building stock. Although challenging this can be done but it needs to be done in clear steps.

The focus of any plan has to be how to understand where you are from an energy & carbon perspective. Then to move forward with those initiatives which can firstly save you money and reduce carbon, allowing a MAT to then prepare to address the bigger challenges of decarbonising heat as well as exploring and implementing ways to generate value from their property assets to further underpin the investment in larger energy and carbon reduction initiatives. With a joined up plan cost saving, carbon reduction and improved energy security can be achieved by any MAT.

Energy Masterplanning for net zero carbon – Sam Haston, Associate Director, Buro Happold & University of Edinburgh

Retrofit on the Higher Education estate: A Case Study from the University of Edinburgh

Buro Happold have been working with the University of Edinburgh since 2019 to develop an energy masterplan that delivers against the University’s Zero by 2040 goal.  Through this project, the University has progressed from setting an ambitious target, to developing a deliverable decarbonisation plan.  The Energy Masterplan we have developed in conjunction with key stakeholders in the University brings together robust modelling of energy, carbon and cost pathways, enriched with enhanced costing exercises and detailed building fabric over 60 buildings of various typologies. In this session, we will share the key lessons from our experience at Edinburgh, helping other education estates operators with net zero carbon ambitions to better plan for developing a robust and investible decarbonisation strategy.

Mark Dolling, Business Development Director (Local Government & Education) - Mitie
Mike Sewell, Plan Zero Director - Mitie Energy