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Net Zero Buildings

20 Apr 2023

Circular thinking toward Net Zero schools - Jack Harrison, Head of Sport and Development, Bankside Open Spaces Trust & Roddy Langmuir, Practice Leader, Cullinan Studio

The Bankside Open Spaces Trust [BOST] commissioned Cullinan Studio to enhance the Marlborough Sports Garden which provides outdoor play and sports provision to five local primary schools in the London Borough of Southwark. BOST is a charity that has shown unique leadership in grass roots sustainability through developing green spaces in a dense urban area with local people. They have specifically asked that the community building associated with the sports garden is designed to the Mayor of London Circular economy targets. Jack Harrison from BOST will present with Roddy Langmuir of Cullinan Studio to explain how reclaimed materials will be used to reduce waste and lower embodied carbon while also designing for low operational energy. The project is also the subject of an Ecosurety research grant to pursue Zero Avoidable Plastics. The research is being carried out by BOST, Cullinan Studio and the Alliance of Sustainable Building Products and aims to produce contract preliminaries to help other clients and designers mitigate plastic waste in construction. Roddy Langmuir will also describe how the learnings from this project and the practices expertise in timber structures is informing the nearby Beormund SEN School -also in Southwark. The project is designed by the same team as the Marlborough Sports Garden project [Cullinan Studio, Engenuiti, Cundall and Turkington Martin] who are consolidating techniques to achieve operational net zero and ultra-low embodied carbon.

Salix Finance Funded Projects - Edward Levien, Commercial Director, ISOenergy

Edward will talk around examples of projects delivered to education facilities using Salix funding, how much carbon savings they make, suitability of the projects etc. and showing examples e.g. The Berkshire College of Agriculture and Oxstalls. 

Sharing lessons learnt in delivering NZC in operation educational buildings - Jane O'Leary, Sector Director Education & Rhodri Davies, Senior Sustainability Manager, ISG

The presentation will focus on the lessons we have learnt in delivering and operating NZC buildings. It will draw on the experience of three different buildings and the challenges in constructing them and sharing of real time data of them in operation. The three buildings are:

  • South Point Primary, Vale of Glamorgan – Wales’ first school designed as net zero for operational energy. Our ‘Performing Places’ system and first year's annual energy performance reports
  • Two Rivers Primary, Keynsham – appointed to deliver the first UK school targeting Passivhaus Plus certification for the DfE with 6 months plus operational data
  • The Entopia Building, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) - a deep retrofit to EnerPHit standards completed in summer 2022
Mike Lea, Head of Planning - Capital Directorate - Department for Education
Jack Harrison, Head of Sport and Development - Bankside Open Spaces Trust
Roddy Langmuir, Practice Leader - Cullinan Studio
Edward Levien, Commercial Director - ISOenergy
Jane O'Leary, Sector Director Education - ISG
Rhodri Davies, Senior Sustainability Manager - ISG



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